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  1. Sinaut Alternative

    Fun Fun. I am stuck using Sinaut because of data buffering. It is connected to the end of my small S7-300 rack. This is a remote pumping station and transmits data over radio by means of a MDS Transend 900 (GE). The sinaut module is what connects my S7-300 to the radio. The sinaut protocol is not necessary. I have an ethernet port on the S7-300 as well as a serial port that can connect directly to the radio, but because of that data buffering and frequent temporary loss of communication (over radio), I have to go through the sinaut module (most expensive module in my cabinet). Any alternate suggestions? Anyone heard of Esteem Enlace Ethernet and radio? Saw it in an application for field irrigation but can't find info on it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I know I'm pretty much opening up a can of worms here asking about Siemens software, so please avoid if this is a sore spot. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on an alternate Step7 programming platform, WinPLC7 (or WinSPS in Europe). A VIPA branded demo can be found here... There is also a youtube video here... We have been given distribution rights to it in North America and would like to know what you think. It is basically a more user friendly version of Simatic Manager... please don't compare to TIA portal. Also, and most importantly, what features in a demo are most important? You will notice there are limitations on this demo. Are these limitations fair? Do they give adequate ability to test to software? Should they be changed and how? Thank you in advance for any input. BTW: If there is a reason for you to be interested, it is because a single full pro license is under $1k... among all the features including simulation. Simon
  3. 0.1ms timing needed

    Thanks for the responses. The guys are fairly confident about their valves being consistent at least. Just when certain parameters are hit, I need to shut them all at the same time (within 5ms of conditions met). Since there is variability in each relay/valve, I was hoping that by delaying each valve after a averaged closing time, I could get them all to close to within 0.1ms. How does the coprocessor work? That is a new idea for me. Will it still be limited by scan time? What if I used a PC based PLC? Do those use the PC processing power? Will the fieldbus speed be a limiting factor? Right now the system uses Profibus. Thank you, Simon
  4. 0.1ms timing needed

    Hello everyone, I can not figure out how to know if a PLC will be fast enough for a project. I have a set of 6 valves which I need to close simultaneously (or within 0.1ms). I have synchronous clocks hooked up to each valve to let me know when the valve closed and currently I am about 3ms off (fastest to slowest). So I want to write a program where I can delay each valve as necessary (to within 0.1ms) so that they all close at the same time. Each valve is on its own digital output from the PLC with high speed relays in between. What PLC setup can you suggest (Siemens preferred) that would guarantee me control to that resolution? Would it be more like an S7-400 or a S7-1200? Is it even possible? Thanks for any help in understanding this. Simon