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  1. factorytalk view SE

    Slap a panelview on each station. Throw a PC up with view SE for this main blah blah [it's called scada]
  2. Connecting Micro800 to SCADA via SMS

    You need to use tcp not sms
  3. FX5U RS485 and Delta DOP-B03S211

    First you let the customer spec serial communications.  But it's probably something stupid like the Numeric Input widget will not show data read from comms.  
  4. I've been running tests on NODE-RED and I'm impressed so far. The hardware seems to be the only limit I can find.
  5. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    I wouldn't depend on a dhcp reservation to assign an IP to a vfd.
  6. Device Level Ring Object Class 0x47

    DLR topography is somewhat overblown. Especially as shown in the examples in that document.
  7. SPST Illuminated Momentary Push Button

    Sounds like he got hold of some push to test lights.
  8. Studio 5000 EDS not registered in offline build

    I've never seen the right-click method work use the tool.  
  9. Major Fault

    It's a micrologix or an SLC isn't it?  Fault Code = 0002H  accompanied message:"Unexpected hardware watchdog timeout or an ASIC reset occurred. Cannot go online or upload from default processor (no program). You must perform download." This occurs from one of three conditions on AC powered units. AC power browns out slowly. AC power modulates below 50hz before failing The PLC is now a crippled self-bricking POS that can no longer hold a program past a power cycle.
  10. Setting up Crimson 3 emulator with rs emulate

    rslogix emulator connects through a virtual port in RSlinx, so you'll have to get the crimson to read it through the OPC-DA of RSlinx.  I'm unsure if the OPC-DA service runs in RSlogix Lite.
  11. RSLogix 500 Firmware question

    Ahh, the program migrator is junk, better off copy and pasting it.    
  12. RSLogix 500 Firmware question

    I've done it before. worked just fine. But if you're not using DH+ communications I'd get a 5/05 you just have to change the processor type in the project before you download it. If you are using DH+ communications I'd suggest budgeting to change them all to 5/05 at once and reconfigure for ethernet, that way you have some path for new equipment or scada.
  13. Warehouse ethernet cable

    You might want to consider ToughCable from ubiquiti networks it's rather durable and robust.
  14. THe L24 and L27 both will take up to four modules, All of them support Ether/ip assemblies or EIP  
  15. The compactlogix is modular. AOI, UDT, ST, FBD, LL, Ether/IP, 2 PID routines.
  16. Logicmaster 90 Software Needed

    I've got a 90 Micro I haven't been able to get online with I'll try it on. That's a big oh hell no. I don't have any PC's older enough to run that,
  17. how to change Panelview300 from DF1 to DH485

    Let me see the back of that.  
  18. Annoying little window in logix designer

    There must be because mine doesn't do that.
  19. Solenoid interlocks

    That is the most awkward drawing of a seal in circuit I've ever seen.  
  20. I'd look at Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLCs that have the sweet programming features of the controllogix with a lower price tag and no stupid backplane. I have avoided the Siemens mostly due to scada driver support and lack of engineers asking for it outside D.O.D. projects. I've only dealt with Mitsubishi Drives, hopefully their PLCs aren't as convoluted, 
  21. PLC and HMI freezing issue

    Sounds like your power supply needs to provide more amperes.
  22. Wire size <18awg

    That's probably a state level electrical code. Some states have gone nuts with their electrical codes. Maryland requires 12ga on anything over 60 volts excluding prefabricated assemblies.  This gets to be real fun with some 4 wire analog transmitters and a real nightmare with Hach sc200 controllers.
  23. grounding and fluctuation

    Correct! Don't ground the negative unless you are installing the system in an automobile! 
  24. Unity to RSLogix5000 conversion

    Since the SLC's predate XML I'm going to guess that won't work.  Since Unity Pro broke on this PC again I'm guessing copy and paste won't work.. At least it's not my Field PC anymore.