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  1. Christmas Lights to music

    I don't have the kinda money it would take to get one of these units going.
  2. Christmas Lights

    also for everyone I am new to plcs and I am self teaching myself so if you guys and gals have any suggestions please feel free to pass them along in Laymans terms the best you can. I understand the concept of plcs and have successfully made a drum sequence in the past. but that seems to be fairly simple. Thanks all!!!!
  3. Christmas Lights

    I am going to be getting a click analog cpu with an output module (8 relay) out. I want to sync my Christmas lights with out doing drum sequences and trying to time each step to the music. Is it possible to use a frequency to voltage converter with a microphone or interface an Ipod or stereo with a PLC and use the analog in to sort the signals by voltage and distribute them to outputs ?
  4. I'm new so if I am not using this forum correctly let me know. I am not very good with plcs as far as preparing ladder logic. but I am self teaching and learning by trial and error. My first question is does anyone know if I can input an audio signal and not have to use a drum sequence and "time it to the music" ??? I am going to get one with a couple of Analog I/O and then I am adding a relay 8pt out module as well. I'm trying to figure this out so that I don't have to buy a "ready to go" system. I want a feeling of accomplishment. I have had a click plc in the past and got it to make the lights flash with a drum sequence but that is going to be a lot of work.