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  1. Alarms Display Missing

    Can I restore the built-in Alarms Display that I foolishly deleted from my first FactoryTalk View project?  I removed Alarm, Diagnostics and Information as I believed they would be too small to read on my PV 600 display.  Can I get them back somehow?  Thanx, Steve
  2. Viewing PV 1000's on my network?

    I have backups of all the HMI's on memory cards, so they are probably .APA files?  
  3. Viewing PV 1000's on my network?

    2711P-T10C4A8 is fairly representative of our HMI's.  All hardware and software is roughly seven years old with 6 years in production.  I recall PanelBulder32 but wasn't aware is was a site version.  Factory Talk has replaced RSView I think...Thanx  
  4. Greetings, I have a network in my facility with a dozen or so redundant ControlLogix PLC's, switches and Panelviews.  I want to back up and remotely access my Panelviews as I do the PLC's via the Engineering workstation.  Do I need to add RSView to the workstation to facilitate this?  I used it many years ago but don't recall how it was setup?  What should I buy? Thanx in advance  Steve in Las Vegas  
  5. Stepper Motor Driver question

    I had a stepper motor being driven with a controllogix relay output card. I'd have to play around a bit to recall how it was done but it essentially drove each winding as required to move thru the steps and advance a knife. Worked very well.
  6. Icons in front of routines?

    On a previous job we had all of the many routines written by five programmers. It was fun because each of them had different styles and techniques. I learnt a lot from the exposure to the variations they'd left behind. One of them had a strange set of icons, like flowers, in front of the routines in the organizer tree. I didn't have time to figure out his thinking but I find it intriguing. Does anyone know how the icons can be changed? And why would anyone bother?
  7. Read Modbus holding registers with RSLogix?

    LOL! I went to a friends house this weekend and opened it up for a look. We saved it as a report to study and as noted above, it is BUSY! I guess I'll listen to my betters and go back to studying on the GE Multinet module conversion. It all works with the Enervista software GE supplies. I just need to strip that data out for my SCADA software to represent. In the end I'll probably surrender and simply imbed Enervista as a webpage in a SCADA window..... Thanx for the words of wisdom, Steve
  8. Read Modbus holding registers with RSLogix?

    Say guys, I'm back on this project. Could someone open and print me a report on the Master.ACD code that's in the Rockwell sample noted in Mr. Automations message above? I only have up to version 19 and can't open it but I may learn from the example. Thanx in advance, Steve
  9. Scheduling a new module or not?

    Assuming local rack means the same one as the Processor is in, this would be in a remote rack. That is, a separate rack connected by a ControlNet cable. The module is a MV1756E-MCM. I'll do some studying on ControlNet and scheduling, Thanx Steve
  10. Greetings, I'm having a lot of trouble getting a Prosoft Modbus module to work in my CLX5000 platform. It worked when testing in a single chassis with a 1756-L61 processor and DF-1 comms to my laptop. Now that it's installed in a networked processor and Controlnet rack I can't get it to accept the Ladder Logic. But that's not the question... When attempting to get aid from Prosoft I got a load of fast facts insisting I had to schedule this module with RSNetworx. I don't have RS Networx and I believe my scheduling is correct as the rack was preexisting and the CNRB/E module in place. I can see the icon for the Prosoft module in my IO config tree with no faults indicated and I can inhibit the module getting the two slash yellow circle on the icon. I can also fault the module by checking "Use Scheduled Connection over ControlNet" or changing RPI outside of the default range. To my mind that suggests my Controlnet scheduling is fine and there's another setup problem. Does that sound reasonable or do I need to get RSNetworx and start fiddling? Thanx, Steve
  11. Read Modbus holding registers with RSLogix?

    I'm using V19 on a 1756-L63 processor. I think I can look at the code on my laptop however. May give me some clues...Thank You
  12. I have connected seven GE Multilin relays to a Multinet TCP/IP adapter with the intention of bringing data to an InTouch SCADA system. I can see and read when using GE's Enervista interface so I know my adapter is working. Can I read the slave devices with commands from RSLogix to present the data as tags to SCADA? I have a Prosoft module in a test stand but there is no room for another module or another rack in this control panel. Hence I'm looking for something I can program into the local PLC. I'm just learning Modbus so my head is spinning a bit, use small words if able to assist ) Regards, Steve
  13. Trigger a event based on Time of day ML1400

    How about an S:FS first scan instruction to latch it upon power up?
  14. Embedding application in Wonderware

    I can't say the correct terms in WW Speak but ActiveX can be imbedded in InTouch objects as scripts. In Archestra it uses the .Nets and probably precludes ActiveX. I realize that's hardly any help but I know that embeddability is one of their big deals. I'm still figuring Wonderware out....
  15. Firmware aggravations again

    Greetings all, I'm once again struggling with Rockwell firmware. I'm trying to install Firmware Version 16.02 on a new CompactLogix L32E series B. On the laptop I find the version but when attempting to update I get a message stating "The current logon user {me} has no access rights to update the target firmware. Do you want to log on with another user?" Is this a Windows thing or Rockwell? Is there a fix or a workaround to use my new PLC? Alternatively I took the unit to a desktop workstation with RSLogix but I can't find any Firmware versions to install. All I find is a bunch of files in the tree all named with Hexadecimal names. I tried converting those to a decimal thinking they'd be the versions but that doesn't seem to be the trick. Are my various firmware revisions hidden in there somewhere?? Finally, I went to Rockwell support to download a version. I can find my version on the page "Find Downloads in the product compatability and Download Center", I can find 1769-L32E Series B with the oldest version being 16.023. But nowhere can I find a button to download it? Any subtle clues I'm missing? Thanx in advance, Feeling dumb in Vegas, Steve