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  1. 24 hour clock help me please

    Just found out how and way in generalt setings my clock was configuret totaly wrong - after the inst of micro win correct settings worked like a charm
  2. 24 hour clock help me please

    Hello I have run into a little problem while I had programmed a Simens S7-200. I'll open a gate at 11:45, close it again at 13:30 after which it shall be opened again at 17:00 and closes at 21:00 but in my program, it opens at 5:00 closes 9:00 pm opens 11:45 closes 13:30 opens at 17:00 closes at 21:00 opens at 23:45 closes at 01:30 it seems that the PLC does not know the diffrent betwin Am and pm what do I do? help me with a piece of program or tell me how I get it to count in a 24 hours clock:)