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  1. Can you please upload the solved file. I know its been a while u posted it but i really need it.

  2. PUSH and FIFO

    Oh sorry i forgot i'm using FIFO but i already have solved the problem and the problem is that in the definition of the STACK i can only do it once i mean: P_First_Cycle than i can use the @PUSH and @FIFO and it works just fine. I have attached the solution i found and it seems to work just fine. Thanks for your time, Cordep FIFO_PUSH.cxp
  3. PUSH and FIFO

    Hi i'm trying to use PUSH and FIFO but it seems not to work just like i need or probably i'm doing something wrong, here is the problem: I do: SSET(630) 170 #6 -> Define the STACK Then: MOV(021) #1 200 -> Puts value 1 in CIO 200 MOV(021) #2 201 -> Puts value 2 in CIO 201 PUSH(632) 170 200 -> Write to the STACK the value 1 PUSH(632) 170 201 -> write to the stack the value 2 Now the problem, no matter what push i do first in the program because in the STACK it will be always organized de the number 1 first then the number 2, i mean isn't supposed to First In First OUt? if i do the second PUSH in first place shouldn't the numbers be organized in the stack like 2 ->1 ? I HAve attached the file... Thanks in advance... Cordep FIFO_PUSH.cxp
  4. CX-Protocol Messages

    Hi, I have another power analyser this one is rs-485 connection i should use CX-Protocol to this... the problem is i do not have any documentation about CX-Protocol i only have opne example but i don't understand the messages i mean i don't know what i should send and what i should receive i don't have a clue of the meaning of this (for example): <a>+[04]+[003E]+[0001]+<c>
  5. Ok now i have another power analyser from Carlo Gavazzi but this one is RS-485 connection know i must use CX-Protocol? I have an example of CX-Protocol but i don't know what to put in the messages i mean how do i know what i must send and what i should receive? thanks in advance
  6. I will have it by the end of the day in the meanwhile edpuentes already tested the GSD file i have and he says it worked just fine. when i get the software after i use it i will post some news... Thanks all of you ...
  7. I Have the GSD file from Carl Gavazzi i think i must introduce this file in the project and then PLC will assume the power Analyser in the network at least is what i think... i really confused...
  8. No it work in profibus DP but thanks anyway i will look to the examples....
  9. Hi, i'm trying to comunicate with this Power analyser with a CJ1M CPU i know i have to use CX-Protocol and i know i canread 10 variables at the same time from this power analyser problem i have looked to CX-Protocol for the first time today i don't know nothing about.... is there any tutorial for begginers? Thanx in advance
  10. Librarie

    Hi all, I'm trying to implement an GPRS connection with siemens MC35i modem to do that i'm using a librarie from Siemens (attached file) wich is very simple to use but i have no control of the connection i don't know the protocol to establish the GPRS connection and i'm having some problems with SIM cards that have dinamic IP.... the librarie is bloked so i can't see the code implemented in order to understand the protocol. I already looked in the Internet for the protocol to establish an GPRS connection i used HyperTerminal but some commands just doesn't work i get ERROR ... Is there any way to unlock the librarie so i can change the protocol and understand it? Thanks all
  11. CBACKWIN, PM from Today

    Ok, everything is working now. Thanks all of you for the pacience and the help.
  12. need help with usb to serial converter

    I use WinXP and sometimes my cable doesn't work but i simple change the USB Port and the problem is solved...
  13. CBACKWIN, PM from Today

    Ok i used CX-Programmer and now i have this error: CommandCode: 40 ReturnCode: 01 Error Codes: 40 01 DIP-SW setting error(Switch on DIP-SW4 please) What is DIP-SW4?! how i turn it on?! Thanks EDIT: If i do not try to transfer From Computer to PLC the Expansion Instructions i do not have any error. I mean it pass all without problem but the problem is when i try to pass the expansion instructions! Thanks ...
  14. CBACKWIN, PM from Today

    Yes i know i must do that but how do i put in Program Mode?!?!?!?! I'm using Omron Sysmac CPM1 - 30CDR Thanks