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  1. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    Are you working with a Full Motion CPU or a Positioning Module? If you are using a Motion CPU then you will probably need a Q172/Q173. If your using a Positioning module such as an AD70 / AD75 then you probably need a QD75. Your local Mitsubishi Rep should be able to help you with more information on which exact module you would need. There are also some guides on the Mitsubishi website for A to Q transition. Make sure you register and log in on the website before doing any searches or you won't find any relevant information .
  2. How it works data type k4m400

    K4M400 takes 16 bits starting at M400 - M415 and combines them together as an integer value. So -[MOV D0 K4M400]- if D0 contained the value of 3 then M400 and M401 would trun TRUE and M402 - M415 would all be FALSE
  3. Can Someone Explain This Code Please...

    The $MOV moves that specific character string ">SFLD 3 " into the D8050. The next instruction WTOB separates each of the characters into its own register, this is repeated with a second set of registers. the MOV H0D is moving a Hex value for a CR into a register. then the last line combines all of the characters back into 1 string of 51 characters. 
  4. GOT1000 DataLogging?

    To use the "A:Standard CF Card" you will need to install a CF card. to use the "B:Extended Memory Card" you will have to install the extension memory card adapter and then a memory card into that adapter.  The MiniUSB on the front is for PC communications, the regular USB port is a host port and will support a flash drive for backups and restores but the software does not have the capabilities to use this for data logging.   
  5. Usually caused by 1 of 3 things. Part of the lamp is off (or touching) the edge of the screen, the PLC and GOT are not communicating, or the software version and GOT OS version are not compatible. 
  6. Connection Indication

    Is there any device in a QCPU to indicate that a programming device is connected? I have several PLCs on a network and I am looking for a quick way to indicate that I am monitoring the correct PLC. My goal is an Indicator light on the HMI to indicate that a laptop is monitoring that machine. I know i could just add a Title but i have 6 identical machines so titles could still get confusing.    Thanks for your help
  7. Mitsubishi Diagnostic

    SD240 - SD246 might have the information you are looking for. Also SD1400 -SD1431 contains the Module Verify Errors 
  8. Mitsubishi Diagnostic

    Not exactly sure what your asking. The rack layout is assigned in the PLC Parameters on the I/O Assignment tab. The number of points occupied by an empty slot is also assigned in the PLC Parameters on the PLC System tab.   
  9. CC Link IE Problem with Remote I/O

    You have to write code to initialize the card. I can't remember what bits but there is a bit in the RWr/RWw that needs to turn on to enable the card and then another one of those bits will turn for card ready. I can't find it in the manual but found it in a program. bit 8 of the first RWr register needs to be turned on after bit 8 of the first RWw register turns on. So you will need to add the RWr/RWw registers to your refresh parameters.
  10. GOT1000

  11. GOT1000

    Yes, its very simple. Just set the Screen switching device in the environmental settings. This device can be read by the plc or written to. Just move the number of the screen you want into that register.
  12. Out of Maintenance Steps and can not write to PLC

    A full write to the plc should reset the maintenance step count. (online -> write to PLC) you have to write everything including the parameters. With GXWorks2 when doing a write click on the detail button then you can change the amount of maintenance steps to use.
  13. GTSimulator2 is a seperate software that needs to be installed. If you upgrade to GTDesigner3 then the simulator is included. Passwords are registered in the enviromental settings under security. then when placing your data inputs on the screen under the Extended tab set your security level for input.
  14. Importing pictures

    Assuming you are using GT-Designer3 you would have to import you image as a part and then style your switch with that part. The other option would be to place your image on the back layer and place a switch with no color or pattern over top of it as an invisible switch with your picture behind it.
  15. SECOND function to convert time

    What CPU / Software are you using. GXWorks2 gives a pretty good explaination in the help file. Also gives programming example of -[sECONDP D0 D100]-|