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  1. Citect Vs. Iconics Genesis32

    If you are still looking for input, there is a very new product from Tatsoft named FactoryStudio. Check them out at www.tatsoft.com. It's redundancy support is built into the product, as was Citect's, and unlike the additional modules (and licensing fees) needed with ICONICS. Their price point for a fully unlimited redundant system is also half of the Citect and the configuration is completely unified, with support for iPhone/iPad as well, which is really amazing. If you really need to run in multiple Operating Systems, FactoryStudio is a good selection, but if not, the past history of USData, which one time was the leader on that market and now is completely gone, teaches that when you put the requirement for multiple operating systems, it is inevitable you will not get the maximum on one specific target platform as the product must support the lowest common functional capabilities across the OS's.. If you consider using the .NET Framework, WPF graphics or C# and VB.NET, the Tatsoft FactoryStudio is the natural choice as it was natively created on those technologies. It also follows the current trend or creating the historian on any SQL database. For small and medium projects you don’t need to install Oracle or SQL Server, as the system ships with an embedded SQL database out-of –box; the ease of configuration using a web-style client application is also key. Finally, besides some advanced WPF graphics that would not be easily reproduced in Java, I like its feature which allows distributed engineering with configuration traceability, and the cloud option for remote collaboration between the System Integrator and the end-user. Besides OPC, it has also direct drivers to Rockwell, Siemens and other PLCs.