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  1. ASCII Text File on Mem Card to CPU Memory

    I first tried FREAD but it would error flag if any of the characters were non HEX (anything not 0-9 or A-F). Anything HEX it would read in just fine exactly how it was in the file. I started messing around with the Read CSV function block but again it would error flag. Haven't got to really dive into the function blocks as I am off all this week and I haven't been able to find anything to do what I need. Seems as though I am going to have to have the contents of the file be be converted to ASCII code/Hex in order for the PLC to read it in. Was hoping there was another way. Hopefully our AS400 system will be able to generate the file in ASCII code/HEX instead of alphanumeric if all else fails.
  2. ASCII Text File on Mem Card to CPU Memory

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry I totally messed up my post. The text or CSV file contains alphanumeric characters (e.g. NE0457,1769-09). I was wondering if there is any other way to read in this text string without first converting the file contents to ASCII code or is there a means for the PLC to convert the text string into ASCII? I edited the original post to correct it. Thanks again any help.
  3. Hello All, I was wondering if I could get some help. The project I am working on: 1- Takes a file (will be either .txt or .CSV) from our network and transfers it to the CF memory card in a CJ2H via FTP. 2- From there I want to read the ASCII text characters and get them into the PLC. 3- An NS touchscreen will display the information 4- Upon user acceptance/acknowledgment, this information will be sent to a Domino Inkjet printer via RS232 and also to two Cognex vision cameras via Ethernet/IP. Where I am getting hung up is item 2...getting the ASCII text characters into the PLC. Example text string in the file: NE0457,1769-09 If the string was simply numbers (HEX) I'd have no problem using FREAD. From what I've been able to find searching around the forum it appears that the data would have to first be converted from ASCII text to HEX ASCII code in order to get it into the PLC memory. Anyone have any sugguestions or links to help direct me into the right direction? -Thanks!