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  1. FTView SE

    Ken another query I have with regards the VMWare and multiversions of FTView SE is the activations. Ive heard on the grapevine that I can use my base station as a hosting server and my individual VM's can borrow the activation from this. Is that true?? Is there any literature on this, do I need HASP dongle, is it easy enough to warrant trying?? MAny thanks in advance Alex
  2. FTView SE

    Kyle and Ken thank you very much for your comments. Very helpful. I will start the laborious task of downloading all versions now and building the VMs. Thanks again
  3. Factory Talk SE

    Good morning I have just upgraded my factory talk software to version 6. I have been given an APA file to update some mimics etc. However, when I try to open the file in viewstudio it starts to open then errors out. Something like, cant open the physical file.....pathway...operating system error 5 (access denied) Any suggestions??? Best Regards Alex
  4. Factory Talk SE

    Whats a PM???
  5. Factory Talk SE

    Thank you very much with your assistance, please let me have your email and I will send Its 7Mb if thats ok?? Best Regards
  6. GEM80 to SLC500

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if it is possible to set up message instructions between SLC500 and GEM80 PLC's? Both PLCs are sat on an ethernet network and talk to a central SCADA server. However the telemetry RTU (SERCK) is due to take some alarm messages from the GEM80 but is connected serially to the SLC500. Hence the need to set up messaging Please advise and thanks in advance Alex
  7. Operating System Error 5

    I have just upgraded my factory talk software to version 6. I have been given an APA file to update some valves etc. However, when I try to open the file in viewstudio it starts to open then errors out. Something like, cant open the physical file.....pathway...operating system error 5 (access denied) Any suggestions??? Cheers Alex
  8. GEM80 to SLC500

    Thanks for the advice, when you say digital, do you mean hardwired??? Stupid question probably
  9. Very SImple Messaging Question

    Can someone please answer what I believe will be a very simple question... Am I able to set up message instructions between a control logix plc using AB_ETH1 coms path and a compact logix plc using AB_ETHIP1 coms path? The two plcs are sat on a fibre network and my terminal can connect to each using their respective drivers. The HM spider switch that the 2 controllers are connected to, have different channel status lights showing. This is what makes me question myself?? The Compact Logix that uses AB_ETHIP1 path has status: 100/10 led = on Link/Act = on (My computer connection also shows this when connected) The Control Logix that uses AB_ETH1 path has status :100/10 led = OFF Link/Act = on This will probably get a few laughs but if someone can help Id be grateful Regards Alex
  10. FIX32

    Afternoon, I am working on a FIX32 SCADA machine (using windows NT!!! Nice!!!) I am quite new to this, so am having a problem with a .tge file. I have some pushbuttons that when pressed open up miniture mimics within the main mimic. For example commannd language : OPENPIC RTU3STAT 100,400,40,40 status rtu4.tge What i want to do is edit this rtu4.tge picture. When opening Quick Draw I can only load .ODF .ODT .^DF .^DT files. It doesnt let me open .tge files Can someone please tell me how I access the .tge file to edit Thanks
  11. L32E Processor and FIX32 SCADA

    I have been recently upgrading an old SLC500 to a CompactLogix system. The final stages are for me to remove the old ABH driver in the FIX32 (the old SLC used this) and add the new PLC to the already running ABR driver. The FIX32 uses an ABR driver to monitor the various other control logix PLCs around the site. When I went to add a new ethernet driver in RSLinx it didnt recognize the L32E ethernet port. It gave the old yellow question mark and unrecognized device message. My question is, do I only need the 1769-L32E Ethernet Port EDS file (downloadable from or will I need individual processor and card EDS files as well. These dont appear on (I dont know if they even exist?) My worst fear is that I have to upgrade RSlinx on the SCADA PC. (Its an old Dell without any USB ports) Once RSLinx has the right EDS files I am hoping that I should be able to just re address the database tags to the ABR driver, as I have aliased all the logic in the L32E to include the old SLC500 registers. Please advise Cheers
  12. L32E Processor and FIX32 SCADA

    Well I found out a little more today. According to Rockwell support. RSLinx 2.2 doesn't support compact logix systems. I have managed to talk the client into upgrading their SCADA plc. Cheers
  13. Compact logix odd integer behavior

    How long do you power down for? Is it possible there is a capacitance charge holding memory? I'm no expert but it sounds like hardware electronics rather than code issues.
  14. L32E Processor and FIX32 SCADA

    Just to add, I am browsing for the new PLC. RSLinx can see it, it just doesnt recognize it. Cheers
  15. L32E Processor and FIX32 SCADA

    Thats what I am hoping to do. Really my question is whether the 1769-L32E Ethernet Port eds file is all I need to update RSLinx so I can see my new device. Or do I need Processor, card EDS files as well? Once RSLInx can see my device properly I hope it should be that simple. Thank you for your response
  16. When viewing controller tags on line with my control logic, I am able to see the values of the respective tag. Whether its binary, real, dint etc. However, when online with my compact logic I am not. Is this something I can sort? Also, am I able to create custom data monitors like with the slc500 Cheers
  17. how to view values on a compact l32e

    As simple as that....... Thank you
  18. Very SImple Messaging Question

    Firstly, Thank You for responding, I will check on site tomorrow to see which processeor the Controllogix uses. The Hirschman is unmanaged. However, the control logix end has another hub/media converter that takes the site fibre conection. The Compact Logix is on an ethernet spur from that hub. The hirschman just provides the extra local access port. I was going to write from the compact logix using a CIP Data Table Write instruction? If you have a minute to explain Produced/Consumed Tags I am always open to ideas as I am relatively new to this game. Once again thanks Alex