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  1. Will RSLogix Starter run on Win 8.1?

    If anyone is interested: I bought a Dell laptop with windows 8.1 home edition. The RSLogix Micro Starter Lite loads and looks like it is working properly. RSLinx Lite loads but I cannot communicate with my PLC. I don't have an RS 232 serial port, on my computer so I am trying to use a USB to RS232 converter. I believe that the problem is in the converter or the drivers for it. I will start a new thread to ask for help there. Thank you all Mark Christensen
  2. Will RSLogix Starter run on Win 8.1?

    B Carlton: Thank you for your response. Now I have another question. Do you have the standard windows 8.1 or the professional edition? Thanks Mark.
  3. I am planning on buying a new laptop computer and I need to be able to run RSLogix Micro Starter Lite and RSLinx Lite (the free download version). The release notes for RSLogix Micro Starter Lite list which operating systems are supported. Windows 8.1 is not on the list, but that is the operating system that will be on the new computer that I am looking at. Does anyone know if it will run on Win 8.1? I would sure appreciate any information I could get on this. Thanks Mark