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  1. Fail upload program TIA V11 with TIA V16

    Thank you Sparky, Your reply really helpful. i've solved this problem by installing V11 trial version. Next, still trying to overcome this issue, converting V11 to V16.
  2. Hi guys.. Anybody can help me.. I have hardware defect s7-1200 PLC which program with TIA PORTAL V11 SP2. When tried to upload the program with TIA PORTAL V16 then failure warning "incompatible" appeared. it should be the higher version compatible with the lower one? Thank you for any help.
  3. Thank you cHud for replying, The original program was written with v4.3. Can i open the original program  with vijeo designer v6.0?
  4. Need your helps Guys, My XBTGT5320 was defective, then i want to replace with HMIGTO5310. My questions: 1. Can i use the old program (firmware V6.1), downloaded to new HMIGTO5310 (firmware V0.3)? How? 2. What version of Vijeo Designer that i should use? Thank you for all your helps.
  5. Software for Siemens s7-1200

    Thank you guys, The recommendation was very helpful.
  6. Software for Siemens s7-1200

    Hi guys, i have siemens s7-1200 that i need to communicate with. Meanwhile i have programming software Simatic Manager ver.5.3. Can i use this Simatic manager to communicate with s7-1200, and how to configure its connection. Thanks and best regards, Harianta
  7. Interface module ET 200iSP IM 152-1

    Hi friends, Recently, i've replaced interface module ET 200iSP IM 152-1 on my s7-400 system. Original module: Hardware version 7, Firmware version V2.0.7 Replacement module: Hardware version 9, Firmware version V2.0.6 If this newly installed interface module can be synchronized with the system and is there any potential communication failure with CPU S7-400? Thanks for looking in and best wishes for your success, Regards, Harianta
  8. Invensys Eurotherm PAC T2550

    Hi, guys... Hope some of you have experience with Invensys Eurotherm PAC T2550. I have problem with controller Redundancy performace, frequently controller goes to single mode, only one controller running as primary. There is no error/ failure on I/O card. How these problem can happen? Thank you for any idea.
  9. Hi guys, I have compressor which controlled by S7-200 PLC. The problem comes when i want to monitor online logic. I used Microwin V4.0 for programming. There is no problem with communication using PC/PPI cable. I can upload the program from PLC, but fail to online the logic. Hope someone can help me with this problem. Thanks a lot
  10. S7-200

    Pay attention to the port number which you used for PC/PPI cable connection. This port number must be used on communication configuration (Set PG/PC Interface). Finally, refresh the connection. Once the communication was established, the system will give you station number to be used for further connection. From my experience, i have found that the port 0 was failure, the i removed to port 1 and communication was good.
  11. Exporting/ Copy LAD/FCB

    Hi Homer, Firstly, thank you for your correction What i means is can we capture/ export the ladder diagram from S7-Microwin programmer to be other document format, like pdf?
  12. Exporting/ Copy LAD/FCB

    Hi All, How can i copy the LAD/ FCB in the S7 MicroWin PLC programmer??? Thanks for your help,