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  1. [msg(46)] example?

    if you want galery for c++ and other you need sever lite opc .... or compolet ( oversea) but if you want to read data in the plc you can make a ASCII string Following the hostlink protocol send it thru the serial port and you will get all that you want if it<s in the plc for sure .... ref to system manual w143 it<s a downloadable pdf explaining all on the hostlink protocol there is a special component that you need in delphi 5-6 (and win xp) it's VACOMM you can find test version it manage your com port ...
  2. NTM support tool version 4.3 manual

    some nt20s are not compatible with windows we have to investigate wich is ok I thing that you will have to use old tool ( DOS ) it is call ntc
  3. CJ1M with CPM2C-CIF11

    I don't think it's a good idea to use this part ( cpm2c-cif11) even if it work you'r never gone be able to the use the second port like if you connect it to a cpm2c ( special mini periph ) ... But if you already have the parts and you'r ready to test ... I'm interesting to know if it work otherwise the cj1w-cif11 is cheaper and more dedicated but the distance is limited , the cqm1h-cif12 is the best Use nt-al01 from Ibm (compatible) to convert rs232 to 422 to join plc network
  4. Omron TXDU Instruction

    Yes! easier to remember with this explanation
  5. Omron TXDU Instruction

    also see w340-e1-11 (pdf europe site ) scu v 1.22 cpu V3 I think that if your using scb ( cs1 only) it is the old Txd/Rxd that have new control
  6. ONW Files

    do files open and in the popup open files change the extension own for mmi or all files and select target files ***,mmi and click open
  7. PC - modem - modem - PLC

    make sure you connect a 9600 (Master pc) to modem(internal or external ) 9600 modem to modem ( 9600) and modem to Hostlink 9600 with no compression it is the fastest you can go wich At command do you talk about AT????? .... because the remote modem should be ready for answer so don't need any At command but if you send a command other than answer this mean that you send configuration to this modem maybe that>s why it work so what you can do is save this config to the default in the flash or memory and restore it each time it's booting ( the remote modem)
  8. CJ1M-CPU13 and SCU21

    Hi Jay, I came first to see what kind of info is here it<s really a good place it is one of our customer that given me the plug