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  1. Hello,I have a cut to length application, and i want to use Contrologix V21.11CPU 1756-L71 together with 1756-HSC/B counter module to make thisapplication.There will be a measuring wheels place directly above the material to detect the length of material pass thru and also the line speed.The measuring wheels is driving a encoder over a gear ratio of 20/6 to increase the encoder pulses.That mean, 6 turns at measuring wheels will give us 20 turns at the encoder.The encoder is having a 16384pulses/rev. In quad mode, we will have 65536pulses/rev from the encoder.The measuring wheels diameter is 200mm, which mean circumference will be 628.3185mm.That means, 628.3185mm=21854.3333 pulses (Result of 65536pulses x 20/6).Counter 0 of 1756-HSC will be configure to Encoder x 4 to measure the material length. Roll Over=16123456.Max measurable encoder revolutions=16123456/21854.333=737 revolutions. 737 revolutions at encoder mean 737x6/20=221 revolutions at measuring wheels. 221x628.3185mm=139066mm or 139.066m.Counter 1 of 1756-HSC will be configure to Freq Mode to measure the material speed.As the material flow continuously, the counter will roll over to 0 at every 139.066m.How can i have the Output 0 of the 1756-HSC to turn ON for 100ms only when the length reached 4920mm, and at the same time, Output 1 turn ON for 100ms only when length reached 5000mm.Mean output 0 will turn a precisely (tolerance of 1.5mm allow) at 4920mm,9840mm, 14760mm, 19680mm........132840mm,137760mm..(142680mm is not possible, counter 0 already Roll over to zero)...And output 1 will turn a precisely (tolerance of 1.5mm allow) at 5000mm,10000mm, 15000mm, 20000mm........130000mm,135000mm..(140000mm is not possible, counter 0 already Roll over to zero)...How to solve this application with Contrologix ? Any programming example and advice is very much appreciated.
  2. I have version 19.0 So what I need to do in order to have this FBD function ya? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am trying to create a new Function Block Diagram routine in RSLogix 5000. However when I go to create the new routine, it is only giving me the option to create a Ladder Routine. Does anyone know what the problem is?? Is that mean I miss out to install any other feature for Logix 5000? Thank you. Regards, MHI
  4. Thank you Mr Ken and Mickey ~~...:) Really appreciate help from both of u...
  5. Ok. My purpose is only to have a printout of the logic. Here I attach the .RSP project file. Hope anyone in this forum can print a project report in PDF format and send to my email : Thank you. HVAC.rar
  6. Hello, I need to open the PLC program which have .RSP format. From Google search, I found that this .RSP require RSlogix 5 to open it. Can anyone share a link for me to download for the RSlogix 5? Very hard for me to find this software...:(
  7. Hello, I already enter to the Rockwell download site given. Unfortunately, I have failed to download the AOP given as my plugin for rockwell download manager is missing. Can u help me to download the AOP the forward to my e-mail? my email - Thanks a lot of your kindly help.
  8. Hello, I'm using the RS logix 5000 vers. 18.0
  9. Hello anyone, I am newbie in using the RS Logix 5000. Now I'm trying to add the 1794-AENTR adapter module into my I/O configuration. However, I cannot find/see this module in my "Select Module" list in I/O configuration. Only 1794-AENT module appear in the selection list. (Please refer the attachment file) Hope anyone can consult me on how to add the required 1794-AENTR module. Thank you. Regards, mhi Doesnt see the 1794-AENTR module in
  10. Hello, I need to activate another screen if an input on my PLC gets high. I tried to use a switch but I didn't have any success. If Input I 1.0 is high (or the tag witch contanes the input) then activate screen "Silo_Filling" But i dont know how I can set my conditiones. could anyone help me out ? thanks
  11. S5 Double Word Monitoring

    Hello, I'm a new bie in S5 PLC. Can anyone guide me on how to monitor the Double Word address of S5? I have 1 encoder which is link via Interbus and mapping at address PW 114 (32 Bits). In order to read the value, I need to Read in Double Word from word 116 to word 114. Hope anybody can help me to do so. Thank you.
  12. RS232 Programming cable CJ1M

    Hello, I'm new bie for using Omron PLC. Could anyone provide me cable pin layout for the PC-PLC programming? Thank you.
  13. Dear All, Do anybody know which instruction in S7 300 programming which can be use for 'Sequencer Output'? This 'sequencer output' will function similarly like RS logix 500 'SQO Instruction' which is used for transfer 16-bit data to word addresses for the control of sequential machine operations. Thank you. Best regards, MHI
  14. S7 Timer Bit

    Before this i familiar with AB, each timer in AB we can see status for 'Timer done bit' and 'Timer run' eg. T4:0/DN and T4:0/TT. What about S7 is there any status bits for it? I use Ladder Thank you.
  15. Retentive Timer S7-300

    Thank you Mr Moggie, your retentive timer is really work......... Very appreaciate it......:)