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  1. Round Real to 2 decimal places

    i did this: SCALE_REAL_TEMP:=SCALE_REAL_TEMP*100; SCALE_REAL_TEMP_INT:=Round(SCALE_REAL_TEMP); SCARE_REAL_TEMP_FINAL:=DINT_TO_REAL(SCALE_REAL_TEMP_INT); Scale_Analogue_2dec :=SCARE_REAL_TEMP_FINAL/100; But still i get more then 2 decimal places, ex. 10.0099999
  2. I would like to know if there is any way to setup timeout on non active opc ua clients. If client crashes it leaves connection on opc server hanging indefinitely. If i have more then 5 crashes(development) server wont connect.  
  3. How can i round real number to 2 decimal places in sysmac?  
  4. versamax cpu001 port two 2 wire rtu

    Does anybody have Pin Assignments for 2 wire rtu protocol on port 2(rs485)?