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  1. How to replace PowerFlex 70?

    I am a little late to the show (Have not stopped by this site in a while)  this thread is a few days old, so you probably have figured this out by now. But.....That drive has a Copy Cat feature, you will see it in the parameter section kaiser_will mentioned.  You can Upload the parameters from the drive to the HMI.....Then put that HMI into the new drive and Download the parameters into the new drive. It is very easy to do. Also you should remove the HMI first before trying to remove the cover of that drive. (Push the black tab that sicks out of the top of the drive and slide the HMI UP. Forgive me but it sounds like you don't have much experience with VFD' very careful they can bite you even after you remove mains power from them. Good luck and be careful. BCS
  2. Micrologix 1400 & Panelview 1000 HMI Interface

    Here is a cheat sheet for connecting a Micrologix 1500 and Panelview + 2711P-B10C4B2. These will not match your equipment but it will give you a very good idea of how it is done. (As long as you are not using an old panelview standard, then it will be different) Post your model # and someone will be able to set you on the correct path.   BCS PV_TO MICROLOGIX.pdf
  3. Micrologix 1400 & Panelview 1000 HMI Interface

    What is the exact model # of your Panelview and what type of communication are you planning on using between your Micrologix and the Panelview. (Serial-RS232, Ethernet, other?) (Not so sure about the indirect addressing mode for comms between a 1400 and a PV???????????????) Someone can tell you more once you provide the model #.   BCS
  4. PLC for first out service...with 8 mSec scan time

    Maybe I am missing something and please tell me if I am but...... the way you have this drawn out wont all the inputs go true when any 1 input is true since you are tying them all together at terminal #2? Seems like if this is 24VDC that you would need diodes to keep from back-feeding every input at the same time. BCS
  5. Can't paste, why?

    I have been having the same problem for at least a week now if not longer. Cant paste links to websites, have to type it out. I know this worked before but not sure at what point it stopped working. BCS
  6. Need good intro on programming PLC5

    Check out the link to this class, and see if he is offering a PLC 5 class anytime soon. Best time and money you can spend, if you are serious about needing to learn your way around a PLC. BCS EDIT: Looks like Oct 5th - Oct 9th is the next PLC5 class scheduled, and only a few available weeks left in the year. Better Hurry!!!
  7. Need advice chosing Allen-Bradley PLC

    Do you own any Allen Bradley Programing Software already? If you do what software do you own? This may be your deciding factor as to which controller you want to use. The only free version of Allen Bradley Software you could use only supports the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 controllers. Unfortunately with your I/O count you will not be able to use either of these. So if you don't own the software already then you are looking at having to purchase software also. Now you might want to ask yourself " If I have to purchase software, which version will I use the most in the future". The MicroLogix controller that would fit the description you are looking for would be the 1400 Model. It has Ethernet and is expandable to accommodate your I/O needs. This programs with RSLogix500 software. (Older defined data table type software) (This is also the same software that the SLC you mentioned is programed with) The ControlLogix and CompactLogix type of controllers are the newer generation. They program with RSLogix5000 now known as Studio5000. (Newer Tag based software) Just something to think about when making your decision. If you happen to already have one version or the other, but not both of them, then the decision might be very easy. Regards, BCS
  8. Bridging the gap between PLC and Smartphone

    If you are not looking for anything fancy, then why not use the Embedded Web Server in the ML1100 to manipulate the binary data table. That way you don't have to purchase anything else, you already have it all. BCS
  9. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    Hmmm....well I have personally not tried that, but I don't see why it would not work. I may be dead wrong about that though as I do not find any examples of doing this for a PV only, I do see examples using it to interface 1 controller though. But if its all you got, then light it up and give it a try. From your PC to AIC use a USB - Serial Converter and a 1747-CP3 cable. From the AIC to the PV use a 1761-CBL-PM02 Cable Supply your AIC with 24vdc Try your baud in auto first. Now create a NEW DF1 driver in RSLinx and see if it will Auto Configure. (Don't forget to look at your PC settings to see what Comm port you are using, and set this same comm port in your RSLinx Driver before hitting Auto Configure.) If it works then great, if not you may have to do some more experimenting or wait and see if some who has use this device in this fashion comes along with better advice. Also if you are going to be working with this kind of thing often I would suggest investing in a 1747-UIC, it will save you a lot of hassle in the future. Good luck and let us know if it works. BCS
  10. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    My friend, The first thing we will need is the correct model # of the Panelview you are using. If it is a 2711-T6C2L1 as Mickey pointed in an above post, then it has no RS232 port, and only has DH485 communication capability. You will need to acquire a converter such as the 1747-UIC to interface between your PC and a Panelview that has only this type of communication. If you would please confirm your model # and someone will be able to better assist you. Regards, BCS
  11. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    If you have a Sub D comm port sticking out the side of your processor then you have a 1764-LRP. If you do not then you have a 1764-LSP. See Below.
  12. error opening 1756-L61 file or plc

    Ok then I owe you a Dollar, I should have stuck with my first hunch. LOL The MINI version only supports Compactlogix and not Controllogix processors. You will need to get a Bigger version of RSLogix5000 to work with this processor. Sorry for the bad news. BCS (I see I said Micro version in my first post, I should have said Mini. My bad)
  13. error opening 1756-L61 file or plc

    Yep, I will bet a dollar that's it. The release notes for V21 do not mention the 1756-L61 processor, but they are supported by version 20 and downward through at least V13. (I did not bother to look any further back than this) (Please excuse my shotgun answers, I have not worked with this controller so I have to look for the answer myself) Revision 21.pdf
  14. error opening 1756-L61 file or plc

    What version of RSLogix5000 are you using? It would not happen to be the micro version would it? (Just taking a stab in the dark here) Edit: Or possibly using a version of RSLogix5000 that is greater than V20. I just read this in another tread that is down just a bit on this page titled PLC Version Upgrade. Look down and read that one, for more info. BCS
  15. PanelView plus 1000 touch screen config

    ROTFLMAO If all you need is the IP Address then you were probably right with your first assumption in this case. Just connect to the PV via the Ethernet Port and use something like Angry IP Scanner to get the IP Address? Wait....Here is a good one, I checked the manual for the PV+ and it says that the Ethernet Port on them DOES support Ethernet/IP communication. So...would you not be able to just create a new ETHIP Driver in RSLinx and plug your laptop directly into the Ethernet port of the PV+......I am wondering if the driver would not just automatically populate the IP address of the PV+ just as it would on any logix controller that uses the Ethernet/IP protocol. That would be just too easy. I will pull out one of my spare PV+ tomorrow and try it out would think that would work if you are only wanting to get to the Config Screen to get the IP of the Device and nothing more. BCS