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  1. Hi guys. We have an old machine with a schleicher modular plc system. The display which is a crt type (not a flat lcd panel) is about to give up. Blue stripes across the screen. I hadn´t had any luck finding a replacement for it on so my hope is that someone here has some information regarding replacing it. The cable for the display is connected at a module called USW. Thanks in andvance for any help..
  2. Identify plc brand

    Hi guys. I want to identify this brand of plc. What I would like to do is to save a backup of the program in the plc and the panel to have in case of a failure and replacement of the hardware. The problem is that it is rebranded by a oem manufacturer. Thanks in advance.
  3. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    SC09 aint that expensive compared to Siemens cables.. But if want to save a buck then get one off ebay. Also comes in usb flavour.
  4. Anyone tried the USB SC09-FX to connect to FX2N 16MR

    Yep seems to work very well. Tried it with gx iec and xp. will try it on win7 soon.