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  1. Electrical / Instrumentation / Controls Technician Seeking highly motivated individuals with electrical, instrumentation, controls experience.  Work involves electrical troubleshooting, performing calibration and repairs to various electrical equipment and instruments, primarily in the water and wastewater industry.  PLC programming experience a plus.  Applicant should possess strong math skills, understanding of electrical principals & have a strong aptitude for computers.  Would operate a service truck throughout Southern New Jersey. Salary & benefits commensurate w/ experience.  EEOE/AA Interested persons, please send resume to:
  2. Control Panel Drawings

    Sorry if I wasn't clear. It would definitely be Point I/O. I was just looking for layouts and wiring diagrams for these so I didn't have to make the drawings from scratch.
  3. Control Panel Drawings

    Gentlemen and Ladies,                             This post might come off as generally lazy but this is purely in the interest of saving time. Our company has been building control panels for quite some time. I have been doing the design for about 10 years or so. We typically build Allen Bradley type control panels. Our main customers are water/wastewater so they are typically Compactlogix with basic IO. (AI, AO, DI, DO) modules. Recently i've been using the IO Wiring System modules. These save an incredible amount of time. However, they are quite big and require a decent amount of space. Our smallest control panel size is usually 36x36 and that is pretty tight. My question to all is, does anyone have a set of control panel drawings for an Allen Bradley compact logix system without these wiring modules? I am looking to create a smaller control panel, and I just haven't had much time lately to sit down and do the design. This is indeed a shortcut, but time has been limited on my end as of late. I apologize if this is out of line.   Thank you,  
  4. Question about an AB UPSD

    Thank you for responding. I was actually somehow reading an older manual (that came with the unit) and it said its limit was 26aH. The new manual you provided is much more clearer. Thank you very much.
  5. Question about an AB UPSD

  6. Question about an AB UPSD

    Hello all,        I currently use 1606-XLS240-UPSD's in my PLC cabinets hooked up to a 26aH battery. Is there any advantage to using a 40aH battery on this same charger? Will it just take longer to charge the larger battery? Thanks.
  7. Need help with Basic Project

    I found that the Sierra Wireless Raven XT modem has this option. There is a digital input available on the power connector, that will send out an email, or SMS when the switch closes (or opens). This is perfect for what i was looking for. Relatively inexpensive. You can pick up a decent one on ebay for <250 dollars. Or you can go with the current model, the LS300 for around 500.
  8. Need help with Basic Project

    I'm going to keep this open just incase anyone has any other ideas. Red Lion sales contact is getting back to me soon.
  9. Need help with Basic Project

    Thanks guys. I've worked with Red Lion products once before. I remember them being not too bad and decently priced. I didnt think about them. Thanks!!!
  10. Also a standard pressure transducer with a weight attached usually does the trick. KPSI makes some great products.
  11. This may be a temporary solution, but I've had success putting Rain-X on the end of the ultrasonic. That should help your steam issue. Another solution would be radar. I've had success in similar situations with the Siemens LR probe. There is alot of options as far as programming to help avoid the obstacles. Siemens also will take your echo profile and give you good options as well.
  12. Hey guys, My name is Steve. I'm a ISA CCST, trying to come up with some ideas for a basic project im working on. Basically i'm trying to find the most cost efficient way. I work for a company, and we work in industrial fields so we typically buy the good stuff. Lol. All i need, is a basic controller (or even a CDMA modem capable of handling IO) to take in a digital input, and transmit it via SMS or email as an alarm warning. I know I can do these with Sierra Wireless modems, but the cost is way too high for this project. It can either be a controller and a modem, A controller capable of internet connection, or just the modem with IO. Or anything you can think of. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Steve
  13. Allen Bradley RSLogix Programming Books

    So no books? Really?
  14. Allen Bradley RSLogix Programming Books

    I work with this almost everyday. In fact I just installed an ML1500 w/ an AI module, and AO module today. So i'm constantly reading other programs, and like I said I know how to do light programming, i just wanted a book to learn a bit more. Also, Bristol is not ladder. It is structured text. Similar to basic.