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  1. Virtual Universe

    I'm sorry, I lost all interest when your website started playing strange music.
  2. Minimum software for MicroLogix1400

    I feel your pain. I just spent around 6k for 5000 and Factory Talk View Studio for a new machine. I then found out I needed to spend another $500 to upgrade RSLinx just so I could use OPC even though it looked like the option was there with the free version.
  3. I'm not familiar with the Micro830, but I have used this on the Micrologix 1100 and Contlogix plc. http://advancedhmi.com/
  4. RSLogix 5000 Question

    Thanks for all the informative replies! It looks like I have a lot to learn yet. I installed the software on Monday, but haven't had a chance to really look at yet. I will look at the included tutorials when I have time. I'm busy with a micrologix 1200 that is now maxed out for I/o on a machine that I had to add an additional pick and place station, offload conveyor, hmi, and vision system. I think I'll be busy for a while.
  5. RSLogix 5000 Question

    Thanks, Okie. CTRL-F is my best friend in 500 (and GX Developer) I will make a note to use cross reference instead. What is a UDT? I've seen it mentioned several times here. I also have an install question. If I understand correctly it can be registred to either the PC NIC card or the HD. Are there any benefits to one over the other? Also, is the activation easily transferable from one PC to another like 500? Thanks again!
  6. RSLogix 5000 Question

    The machine in question for my application will be arriving on two trucks and will most likely take 2 weeks to set up and qualify.
  7. RSLogix 5000 Question

    The machine is an automated assembly machine that consists of one cell for assembling four components. It's fairly simple compared to some of the large multi-cell machines that this machine builder typically makes. I'm sure the L7 is their standard controller for all applications, besides pc controlled. I think a SLC would have been more than adequate. I can't wait to look at the program though. The biggest I've worked with so far in 500 consists of 20 subroutines and around 600 rungs. The software showed up today. I was expecting more than just one disc for RSLogix 5000 Standard Edition and RSNetworx. Activation looks to be a little more complex than a floppy disc like 500. Hopefully my purchase request for TechConnect will be approved early next week. I have a feeling that I will need it. That will be nice to have again, I'm still using version 6.0 for RSLogix 500, now I can finally upgrade.
  8. Elementary question

    That is correct.
  9. RSLogix 5000 Question

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It should be showing up next week and I'm looking forward to playing with it. Will there be any issues with running it on the same PC that I have 500 on?
  10. RSLogix Training software

    You need to interrupt the circuit. Typically with an XIO -]/[- inline
  11. RSLogix 5000 Question

    So, by that comparison using it should be much easier
  12. RSLogix 5000 Question

    I just ordered RSLogix 5000 and have only used 500 in the past. How different is it from 500? I'll basically be using it to support a machine with a ControlLogix model 1756-L7X processor that will be pre-programmed, but I would like to learn it for future applications.
  13. S7-200 Pros and Cons

    We have AB, Idec, Mitsubishi, Omron, and Siemens PLCs where I work. Before I took any programming classes, I was able to teach myself basic programming on all of them except Siemens. I still get frustrated every time I look at one. Sorry, it's not really related to your question, but I had to vent.
  14. I'm working with a material loading system with multiple stations (30-50) and one central pump. Any of the stations can call for material at any time, but due to limitations of the pump and system, only one station valve can be opened at a time and they need to be handled in order. I know don't have any experience with the FFL and FFU functions, so I don't know if that would be the best route to go or if it would even work. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, this system will be using a Micrologix 1500. Thanks!