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  1. All, I would like any suggestions or solutions on how to be able to read tag data from Logix 5000 and be able to display messages on large LCD screens. Is there a simple solution out there without large software expenses such as writing new VB programs?
  2. I have a quick need to make another Controllogix communicate and read tags from another another Controllogix controller to control several outputs to a display unit. I plan to use E-net for comms but I have no idea on the setup for beginning this process. Any help out there?
  3. USB to Serial Cable

    Is is possible to communicate with a Micrologix 1000, 1200, or 1500 with the use of a Serial to USB cable attached to the regular communication cable for these models? My laptop has no Serial port and I do not wish to mess around with COM settings unless I know it will work. Any clues or experiences out there to share?