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  1. RSLogix 5000 very slow

    Hi, I had a similar problem with a L32E processor. My ethernet comms was very slow when I was online. Any online work would take forever as I had to wait for RSLogix 5000 to update or realise that I had made a change. I then noticed that my panel view was slow to react when I pressed any buttons on it. Comms between plc and hmi was slow also. I eventually replaced the cpu and all is ok since. I had checked etherent cabling, hub etc.
  2. Barcode Scanner Loading Recipes

    Hi Ken, Thank you for the response. I will be connecting the barcode to the serial port of the plc and interpeting its data like I have done previously. The information being scanned is just the recipe name. There are two timer values associated with each recipe and I want to load them when the recipe I scan matches the recipe in the database sort of speak. I have been reading up on this a bit and I think I will need to go down the route of creating arrays and try and extract the relevant timer values. I will also need to provide a way of allowing the operator to enter new recipes and modify exixting recipes. As I have not used arrays that much before, I am just looking for pointers as to how best to implement them in the project.
  3. Hi, I have a project where it has been asked of me to provide a means of loading a recipe by scanning a barcode. Basically the operator will scan the barcode and the settings associated with that recipe will be loaded. I have previously used the recipe plus function in the panel view plus terminals and I was planning on using this function again as the barcode was not requested at the outset. I will be using a compact logix to control this machine. I have decoded barcodes before to show details of a batch order on a hmi. I was thinking that I could scan the barcode in and the operator will use the recipe plus function to load the recipe and if the recipe name loaded does not match the barcode that has been scanned, it will flag an error. If I could get a few ideas or a discussion started, it might put me in the right direction. I will greatley appreciate any comments given. Thank you.
  4. Exdperience in wind turbines

    Hi Crossbow, You're correct in what you say. I'm still feeling my way a bit with the mitsubishi programming environment. I have a feeling that I could be somewhat out of my depth with this topic but I am eager to learn as much as I can.
  5. Exdperience in wind turbines

    Hi, I have started using Mitsubishi plc's. Previously I was using Allen Bradley but I have to say that that I am getting quiet fond of the Mitsubishi. What do you intend to do with these analog inputs? Are they for control purposes or for recording. On GX Developer you have to write a bit of code to configure the analog signals but on Gx Works it can be done by entering various settings when setting up your plc. Let me know what you need if I can be of any assistance.
  6. How To communicate citect and SLC 503

    Hi, I think you need RSLinx Professional or I think RSLinx oem to communicate with allen bradley plc's. Please find attatched pdf Regards Citect_V6.10_ABRSLINX_driver_help.pdf
  7. Siemens Vs Allen Bradley

    Hi, I have a customer that wants me to use a Siemens plc ather than an Allen Bradley. I have done very little with siemens and have mainly stayed with allen badley over the years. Can anyone give me any pros or cons for using siemens instead of allen bradley. I am a bit interested in trying siemens this time round. Its for a very simple pump application where I was going to use a microlgix 1200
  8. Remote Modem Access to SLC

    I have used a Westermo GDW11 GSM modem with a SLC 5/03 and it works very well. I connected it through the DF1 port. Please see the attatched pdf. GDW_11_6615_2201_REVA.pdf
  9. Zlinx Radio Modems

    Hi, Has anyone ever used ZLinx radio modems with allen bradley plc's. I want to connect a panelview 300 to a slc 5/03 processor via DF1 communications using wireless technology, or has anyone got any recomendations as to how to go about it.
  10. Hi, Is it good practice to mix industrial ethernet with your office network. I have a situation where I have a allen bradley slc 505 plc and I want to access it from a remote location. All I want is an ordinary phone line connection so I can dial into the plc or computer. The IT man has given me a broadband connection which means I have to access the plc through the office network. He gave me addresses for me to give my equipment and he connected the plc to the network and the network flooded with messages. I tried to tell him that industrial networks were not exactly the same as office networks but he wouldn't listen. He is now getting a managed switch to connect the plc to the network. Personally I would prefer to keep them separated from each other. I'm relatively new to networking so I would not really know much about managed switches etc and my " IT man" knows less than me but will not admit it. My level consists of connecting panelviews to plc's and setting up addresses. Can someone give me advice or their opinion. Thanks
  11. SMS Texts To And From A SLC 503

    Thank you for the replies, I have the plc texting me the faults. I could do with a few pointers to try and solve texting the plc to send information back to me.
  12. SMS Texts To And From A SLC 503

    Yes there is network coverage at the pump house
  13. SMS Texts To And From A SLC 503

    Unfortunately its in a completly remote location
  14. I have an application where I need my plc to text me when a fault occurs. I have a pump pumping water and when the pump has a fault, I want the plc to send me a mesage saying pump fault. I also have a pressure transducer and a flow meter both giving me a 4-20mA to tell me the flow rate and line pressure. Is it possible for me to text the plc and prompt it to send me a message back telling me the line pressure and flowrate at that time. The modem I was thinking of using is a " Westermo GDW-11 " Any ideas woul be greatly appreciated
  15. Rsview Studio ME 4.0 to slc 5/03

    I think I got that to work before about a year ago. I was using RS VIEW Studio 3.1 and I set up the connection as if I was doing a df1 connection. I just assigned the port that the 1747-UIC was connected to (eg) Com 6. The only thing is that it could not be the same port as when I used it with RSLinx to download ladder. I hope the info I gave you is correct. I will try and see if I have a copy of the settings