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  1. PID instruction in CJ1M trouble

    Thank you, It's true that I did used one DM in C+7 to C+38 acidently. I fixed it and it's ok know
  2. Dear all, I have used PID instruction in my program, but it always result zero value and I have no idea what is going on. Is anyone have experience like this before and tell me where I'm wrong!? I attached an emage below hope you can help me figure it out. Thank you!
  3. PID Instruction in Functio block area

    Thank pfort, your information is very useful.
  4. PID Instruction in Functio block area

    Oh really!? That's it! Thank you :) I have just read in PID Instruction help that PID is not alowed in function block area, I wonder what it means? Have you ever use PID in a function block successfully? It's very tired to start writting code over again :(
  5. Dear Automation Guy ^_^ I've been starting written a CJ1-PLC's program, because it's a very big complex program, I want to put all the repeat tasks into function blocks in order to make the program easy to read and debug. In one function block that uses PID instruction, I found that the result word was always zero, as shown in the pic that attached below. In this function block I defined some variable as below: 1. PID_CW : internal variable, data type is WORD, Array size is 39 PID_CW[0] = Setpoint PID_CW[1] = Proportional Band = 5% PID_CW[2] = Intergral parameter = 20 PID_CW[3] = Derivative parameter = 40 PID_CW[4] = Sampling period = 20 PID_CW[5] = #2 (0000 0000 0000 0010) = reverse control, enable changing PID parameter each sampling period PID_CW[6] = #0505 = number input/output data bit is 13, 0-1FFF Hex (0-8191 Dec) range. 2. Var3 : internal variable, data type is UINT (content PV value) 3. Var4 : internal variable, data type is UINT (Result word of PID Instruction) Setpoint and PV is converted to 0-8191 Dec Range before execute PID Instruction. I can find where it's wrong. Hope you can give the anwser why does the result of PID instruction in this case is always zero? Thank you! With kind Regards!
  6. [Help] Analog signal error?

    I think the error may possibly be "level lost" because it occurs when the tank is empty (the machine turns from on to off then the liquid is pumped out from the tank to another tank for safety). But I still wonder why this error does not auto-reset when the liquid level in this tank rises up again, and I must reconnect the 24VDC power supply to it again to push it work (this's like reseting the sensor)
  7. [Help] Analog signal error?

    Unfortunately, this sensor is completely covered by foam, polyurethan, in order to keep it working in a very harsh environment; low temperature ice frezzing environment when the machine works and high humidity, wet environment when the machine stops. So, I'm unable to see what the error codes on the transmitter display. Thanks Geir, I'll try to find out what happens to this sensor.
  8. [Help] Analog signal error?

    Dear all, I use a level measurement device [AKS4100 - Danfoss] and a motor-ride valve [iCM 20 - Danfoss] to control the liquid level in a tank. The 4-20mA analog signal output is set to AKS4100 in order to feed-back the current liquid level to CP1W-ADxxx, the analog input extension unit. Everything was ok till an error occured after 5 days from the first time system started. The PLC often receives the 3.6mA feed-back signal from AKS4100 (the correspondence DM memory of this analog input signal has a value of -160, prescaled, it is 3.6mA). I thought the liquid level was just at 0%, so I checked the real level in the tank, but the level was about 40-50%. I'm very confused in this situation. Can you tell me why this error takes place and what I should do to fix this error? PS: I've read the AKS4100 user's guide and I found that it does mention "error output set to 3.6mA" in technical data "current output load", but I can't understand what it means. I attach this document in case needed. Thank you very much!
  9. NB-designer software

    Thank IO_Rack! I'll try it
  10. NB-designer software

    Dear Michael Walsh, There's another problem about bitmap image that I meet after success in adding a new bitmap graphic. That is the image could not keep its shape when it is applied in small size. First, I creat an image by drawing it by CAD. Then, using "export" function in CAD, a picture is generated in bmp format. Second, I use Corel Paint software to crop the necessary area. And the last, this final picture is added to bitmap graphic library of my NB project, follow your guide above. But when I resize it on screen to about size of W20xH30 and download the screen to NB HMI, it loses its shape. Some lines and area are missing. Would you please tell me how to solve this problem or how to create a bitmap graphic correctly? Thank you!
  11. NB-designer software

    Thank Michael Walsh! It's very helpful.
  12. NB-designer software

    Dear all, It is the first time I use NB-designer to create a HMI programme for NB5Q, and I meet a problem about the bitmap and vector graphic library. Infact, my project requires some icons which do not include in bg&vg lybrary. I try using "add new bitmap" funtion but its result is just a "non-graphic" space. Could anyone tell what I did wrong? And how to make it? Thank you! Best regards!
  13. thank you! One more question: Does it work corectly in icing invironment? I used a omron's promixity sensor (E2E) that could operate in temperature range about -40 to 80 Celcius but It fail when temperature reached -35 Celcius. I found that cause of the frozen fog in evaporator room.
  14. Dear: all! I'm looking for a promixity sensor or a limit switch that can operate normaly in -40 Celcius and icing enviroment. Omron's promixity sensors (E2E-X3D2-N) have been used but didn't work. They were broken when the temperature reached lower than -40 Celcius. Would anyone suggest me what sensor/switch should be used is this case? Many thanks! With kind Regards!
  15. Thanks kaare I've not pinged it yet, I'll try it. I had changed something in "device manager" before. I changed some parameters in "port setting" of com port 3 of my computer, when it's in use in other app. Does it relate to this?