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  1. How to play video on wonderware intouch HMI window?

    I hate dragging up old threads but I was searching for the answer to this and this is the first result in Google. Since other people looking for the answer may look here, I figured it may be an appropriate place to point out a solution. Windows Media Player is able to be embedded via the ActiveX tool. It can be customized for files or streams and can even be made borderless to hide any obvious WMP characteristics.
  2. My company has been using Modicon for over 20 years now so we have quite a large collection of programs on PLCs ranging from 584s to 671 60s. The large majority of our install base is on 984s and 434s and we used ProWORX NxT almost exclusively for the 984 OS PLCs. Currently we are using Unity Pro XL 5.0. I was wondering if there was any way to import the NxT programs (DCF) into Unity Pro. I've seen that there are some conversions available but I believe they were for Concept and/or ProWORX32. Potentially I could download the NxT program to a test PLC then upload it to ProWORX32 or Concept (assuming I can scrounge up a copy) then convert it to Unity but that would be a headache since I would probably lose my descriptors and I would need to always have hardware around when I wanted to convert. If anyone knows of a simpler method, I'd appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Chad