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  1. Hi Ken Roach, Think this is station mode you mentions. My graphic and server are in same PC. If button with printdisplay command do work. but when I make it to trigger by event, the error message tell me this is a server, therefore I cant do it. The link you gave require login. I do not have the account. can you provide other link? Thank you
  2. Hi, You can try to right click the DFB you created in logic, search for the "Refine" option. Then you are able to modify the value inside. But as JMullan said, if the variable inside your DFB link to external tag with no specify address, you can only modify value but not able to force it. Hope this help
  3. Sad, look like there are no easier way to do reporting in Factorytalk SE. Think I will just ask operator to manually print out report every morning.
  4. Dear Guys, Need help again~~ New to AB software, my client have a HMI server, which is running factorytalk view se and have no client PC. what I want to do is just printing a simple page or text file to printer every 7am. Therefore I created an event to trigger PrintDisplay command every 7am. The event working fine, just that the PrintDisplay command is not allow from server. The error message: "The command 'PrintDisplay' is ignored when issued from the development enviroment or an HMI Server" Any method/idea to overcome this issue? To print out a simple page or even text file automatically in factorytalk view cannot be hard right? many many many thanks in advance
  5. MrAutomation, Thank you so much! It work! So the Global object just dun work under test mode, ^_^
  6. Hi guys, Need help!! First time using FactoryTalk SE and stuck here for hours. My objective is to create a standard object(Pump, Valve) and use it multiple times with different tag (P_101, P_102 .etc.) After read through help file and manual, I found that global object may be what I need, so i do some test with simple multi-state indicator but fail...... the log show "Failed to resolve item's ID '#1' because it does not exist on any server" Hope someone can let me know what mistakes I have make!!! My steps: 1) Create new Global Object 2) insert a multistage indicator 3) Properties -> States -> assign caption for each stage 4) Properties -> Connections -> Tag/Expression -> key in #1 5) Global Object Parameter Definitions -> Name -> Key in #1 6) Copy Global Object and paste in Display to create reference object 7) right click and open Global Object Parameter Values 8) click the tag button to browse tag from PLC online (Tag name: SV_505.STATUS, DINT, direct read from RSLINK that connect to PLC) 9) test Display result: [FactoryTalk]: The Item is no longer available: #1 Failed to resolve item's ID '#1' because it does not exist on any server I then 1) change the #1 to #1.Status, link to Tag SV_505 and repeat the step.............fail again 2) Create Memory tag and link to #1...................................................................fail again, start to miss citect genie 3) change to rectangle with fill animation with Bool tag.......................................fail again, take out lighter and try to burn the PC, operator stopped me....just kidding PS: I can link animation with PLC without problem, the error occur only when I use GLOBAL OBJECT Extra information: Software: Factory talk View Studio 6.10.00 (CRP 9 SR 4) OS: Win7 Professional SP1 64bit
  7. ProWORX NxT Error

    look like a software error or bugs. Upgrade to newer version or simply reinstall should solve the problem What version you are using now?
  8. there's an option "Manage animation tables" on the menu bar in your right hand side. once select, pick create a new table. then you can put the marker address you want to monitor in the column "Address" (exp: %m1,%mw3,%i1) key in 1/0 in the current value to manipulate the value or the lock icon above to permanently force it to 1/0
  9. PL7

    If M12=1 then ( if M2 =0 then (Set timer 10 preset value to 28 Set timer 11 preset value to 4) else (Set timer 10 preset value to 47 Set timer 11 preset value to 1) end if ) end if
  10. I try to downgrade, it show a Massage "OS loader Invalid OS CKSUM" So now planning to find the fiber optic cable. Haiz, before I try to upgrade firmware, I call the schneider support and the guy told me nothing to worry, Just don't power off the device during update. And when I face the cable issue, he told me the cable obsolete and schneider do not have the stock.....
  11. Hi guys, I try to upgrade a quantum 140 CPU 67160 firmware From v2.27 to v3. But then I found out the hsby port firmware update require a special fiber optic cable which I do not have. So the CPU is now hang in the middle, the CPU firmware already up to v3, but hsby stay at old version. Can I just use the backup to downgrade to v2.27? All the manual I found is talk about upgrade or switch between unity and concept. So any comment or link from you guys will be a big help to me. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi Guys, I will installs 2 NOE cards (network TCP/IP card) on a modicon quantum hotstandby system, one NOE install at primary CPU and one on secondary CPU. Just wish to know anyone use NOE with proworx hotstandby(LL984) before? maybe you guys can share some of your experience? The question is: If my primary CPU down, secondary CPU take over the system, 1) will my NOE card auto swapping IP address or need a block to change it? 2) except IP address any options needed or any configuration for NOE card? Thanks alot!!
  13. HI All, I found solution already. I can use equation network to calculate long integer. Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Any one has experience in compare 32bits data using Proworx? For example: Long Integer 1: 224680 Long Integer 2: 300230 I want to compare and get which is the greater, In proworx, I found SUBDP(Double Precision) and SUBFP(Floating Point) function for 32 bits comparation, but they didn't work on long integer. any solution? Thanks (^_^)
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know what is the function of "POS7" block in proworx32 or proworx NXT? POS7.bmp Thanks Yeap