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  1. NP Designer Software

    Hi Guys! Hope you can help me with this one. I have an NP programmable problem is the NP designer software being offered in Omron website does not communicate with the hardware. Before I have this NP DESIGNER BETA software. This version is great and had solved all my troubles, but my laptop got formatted and I wasn't able to backup the installer. I have tried searching the net for this version but can't get one. Please provide links for this software...I really need it. Thank you to those who would share.....
  2. RFID with Omron PLC

    I have used V680 before. It has an RS232 port so I coupled it with a serial comm unit. You can read and write the tags by using TXDU / RXDU. Writing the send words is a bit tricky :) Just read the manuals and everything should be fine
  3. Hi Guys, Hope you can give me ideas how to solve my problem. Before I have already implemented omron CP1L and V500 barcode scanner projects. But now my problem is a Motorola ( Symbol ) MS3207 Barcode Scanner and CP1L plc communication. Im done already with the wiring and the manuals from motorola state that omron and the barcode are compatible. No protocol/9600/8/1/none are my setting. I'll be using TXD ans RXD commands to decode my data. Main problem is "what is my send data to trigger the barcode or to initiate communication?". The manuals from motorola does not state anything. Have you guys implemented motorola barcodes before? Feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much...
  4. Servo Roll Feeder

    Hi Everyone!! I have a project to convert a roll feeder machine into using servo. Dont have problem when it comes to programming the machine. problem is I dont know the size of motor to be used. With G Series, limitation is only up to 7.5KW / 2000rpm. The servo will directly pull this bulky metal sheet roll and a cutter will cut it into a 1meter length. I have seen some applications of roll feed using 750-1KW motor. They used low rating motors because their is a "sag" part between the cutter and sheet roll. But with my new project, the servo pulls directly the sheet from the sheet roll w/o sag. My question is what is the common motor rating to be used with this setup? Please need help!! Thank you so much and God bless
  5. I had just implemented inverter control using CP1 Series Easy Modbus and CJ with SCU. The postings and examples in omron forum were really helpful. In just 3 days I had everything tested. To those having problems using the examples and follow the steps especially those presented by PMCR Dont have time testing and understanding protocol gives me headache haha. mine is pure serial gateway. Thanks everyone.
  6. Unlock Omron CJ PLC using CONSOLE?

    I know things like these are not discussed publicly to protect the IP of the company. Topic is dead Thank you
  7. Unlock Omron CJ PLC using CONSOLE?

    Hi Guys! I have a concern. I saw someone unlocking a CJ PLC using a console. I asked how did he do it but he said only Omron guys should know it. I have read about the forum on unlocking a PLC using CF card but obviously it will not work if the programmer prohibits saving from a memory card. Hope someone could share how to use the console to unlock PLC. Thank you, Isidro