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  1. Hi Guys, I found the solution for my problem, my network had the M340 EGD Proxy(modbus+ to TCP). In the configuration of the proxy there are routing table which you configure which row goes to which device(i.e ADDM('Ethernet_1{}3' goes to row 3 in proxy routing table where written the device route i.e ghost_dc, i think you would like to use next combination: ’Netlink{hostAddr}node’ *Netlink: network name set in the Net Link field of Ethernet channel *hostAddr: IP address of device *node: Modbus or CANopen node behind a gateway (gateway identified with hostAddr) taken from the help! Good luck, Best Regards, Greg.
  2. Hi, again i wanted to thank you, i found the whole explanation in programming manual of twidosuite. Best Regards, Greg.
  3. Hi aggattapauer, Thanks a lot, couldn't get better answer then that, appreciate it a lot. Could you tell me please where did you get this info from? And where can i find all the parameters i can write into the first words? Best Regards, Greg.
  4. why dont my analog input works?

    Hi, if the transmitter has it's own power supply it must be connected as 4 wire instrument else it won't work at all, and you have to check how the inputs on the module should be connected. Good luck, Best Regards, Greg.
  5. Hi guys, can anybody explain the values that written in the application to retrieve data from modbus slaves through the Ethernet port, i read a little bit from the help of TwidoSuite i understood all the concept of getting the data, the only thing i still don't understand the first 4 raws with that values as it explained in the examples in Hex, and why does it changes all the time. and how can i determine from which addresses i would like to get the data from the slave? please see attached example of code as described in help. Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Greg.
  6. CSI - not the TV show

    Hi guys, i would like to hear from you if anybody familiar with this kind of controller, any documentation software hardware and anything else could help me understand how this system works. Thanks in advance, Best Regards,, Greg.
  7. analog output issue

    looks like we are blind good luck, you've got all info you need.
  8. analog output issue

    really strange, first time i see such bag. try SIEMENS forum maybe they will know how to help you, or your local SIEMENS branch. Good luck, Best Regards, Greg.
  9. analog output issue

    Hi tid_chai, sorry to tell you but this module ain't analog module, however 8 DO relay module. Best Regards, Greg.
  10. Crossbow right, there is no chance you can connect to momentum PLC with TwidoSuite or any other software except of Proworx Concept or modsoft. And Momentum are not from the Unity family so this software is irrelevant. Good luck, Best Regards, Greg.
  11. Panel pictures

    Hi BobLfoot, you are absolutely right i think there should be enough space that grownup person could reach the wires any way, but some times the size of the enclosure dictated by customer or plant spaces. definitely should be space for most uncomfortable situations.
  12. Panel pictures

    the DCS system it self
  13. Panel pictures

    Forgot to add this guys, DCS system for Oil platform.
  14. Panel pictures

    Hi to all, Good topic, Nice panel. But the standard for blue wire tray are for IS(Intrisicaly safe) signals so i don't think it will be appropriate to use it in non hazardous areas. and here are some works of mine. The big enclosure are for biotechnology project. and the smaller are for Oil in water sampling analyzer. waiting for reply. Best Regards, Greg.