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  1. Ok, some beginner questions here. I have Unity Pro, the customer wants a 4-20mA signal to go into a IODDT? for monitor, and then the exact signal coming in going to a redlion meter on the front of the panel for the operator, I have basic PLC experience almost entirely in RSlogix, I have got most of his program done but I cannot figure out how to get the signal into the PLC, and then write it out as far as I can tell, I can use READ_TOPO_ADDR to drop it into a IODDT for the future programmer to use, but I cannot figure out how to write the value down to the output on the card PLC Type - M340 Card - AMM0600 No, I have not brought an analog signal into a PLC in a very long time, and am scratching my head Thanks for any help Side Note : I am using LD as well to program it
  2. Toshiba T1 PLC

    For Future Users - In the software goto - PLC - System Parameters - Retentive Data Set the Register number you want to use (Must be in RW, T, C or D) Program using R for seal in circuits so it retains on output or data, might lead to extra programming but do what you have to I know it says RW in the file, but it will hold through R registers
  3. Toshiba T1 PLC

    Ok, I'm going to go get my eyes checked Thanks for pointing out the obvious When I do figure it all out and put it in a working program ( a few issues with mode mismatch ect right now ) I will put up a detail of what I did, and the next person in ten years to stumble along it will know
  4. Toshiba T1 PLC

    Yea, I have all the manuals and anything PDF related to the T1, as well as the primer written by Ed Dropka Nothing in them, can I find a retentative registers, even a search in the help file of the program brings up nothing about retentative anything Thanks for the suggestions though
  5. Toshiba T1 PLC

    Just looking to see if anyone knows how to get the T1 micro series of PLC's from toshiba to retain state after power loss, I have the primer and can't seem to figure it out, I bet its really simple and staring me right in the face Thanks for any Suggestions