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  1. Function Block Inputs

    I am writing a function block in SCL, and I have a lot of inputs in it, is there any way I can set them to all be invisible by default? Thanks!
  2. Text Message from PLC

    Seems you are being advised to head down the email route, but I had to do this recently with a AB 1769L35E controller. I dont know if email was viable (very poor network strength), but I did have it sending SMS using a Fastrack Xtend 3G modem. Connected the modem to the PLC using a serial cable, and used ASCII Serial command blocks in the ladder logic to send AT commands to the modem, which would then send fault messages to the engineer or transaction messages to the accounts department. If doing it this way, just be sure your loops handling the sending are... Pretty tight... Or you can end up spamming the recipient quite easily, and horribly effectively. Hope this is some use even if its a slightly different angle from what others are suggesting. Let me know if I can be any more help. Cheers! Sorry! I didnt realise how old this post was! Doh!
  3. Problems with a CommReq config.

    Thanks Steve... I guess I will need to get in touch with the guys on site and get an archive of the code on the PCM then. Thanks for all your help, its been greatly appreciated. I will post I have some sort of answer just to give you all some closure on it. Cheers!
  4. Problems with a CommReq config.

    Thanks Russ, Ive been using the GFK-0582 doc for other parts of the config I have created myself. I thought this would be easy as I have several CommReq configurations and commands in the logic I have created. I was wrong. I dont actually have access to the PCM module at the moment, its out on a site that is a particular problem to get out to. I will contact the guys out there for more information. I had been making my way to the conclusion I was missing something when I saw that the PCM card was configured in software I couldnt actually locate. I will keep you posted though! Thanks for all the help so far!
  5. Problems with a CommReq config.

    Morning chaps! Just had a look at the ladder, and the rack 0, slot 3 is where the PCM301 module is located. The task is 120 which I cant find any reference for in manual gfk-0255k. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Problems with a CommReq config.

    That is a bit of an issue... I am not too sure what this does other than "send data over a radio link" which might actually read as "send and recieve data over a radio link. The module sending is a IC693PCM301. I am unsure of the recieving module too. I have configured IC693CMM311 modules for this project, tracing the commands back to the card config for them, but all the PCM301 card tells me is "Configuration Mode: PCM Configuration". Sorry this is so vague and thanks for your quick reply.
  7. Problems with a CommReq config.

    Hi all... I have recently been looking at some ladders, and despite having looked through various manuals, I still cannot work out what the following CommReq configuration is doing... It consists of 2 Block Move Word and one Move Word as below. BLKMOV WORD BLKMOV WORD MOVE WORD 9 9191 6000 0 0 0 0 0 600 0 2000 0 1 257 2000 I understand how the CommReq works as I have been using it for SNP-X commands , but I cannot find any reference to the command at BLKMOV WORD 1, Input 7 (257) or what it does. Can anyone help me? Thanks! (Sorry about the formatting!)