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  1. I removed battery, turn off ac, removed software eprom, removed eeprom & shortcircuited pin 1,2 from eeprom. I inserted it all again and powered up the unit. This is hard reset action. A tech from the schneider told me so. Anyway a blinking io led means shortcircuit to an input or to an output he told me. What i can not get is why i can not connect to plc though i made the rs485 to rs232 converter ! Any ideas about that ? I mean any other circuit ? Or maybe you can look at my circuit for any errors. Thank you
  2. Again i did not manage to connect to plc but i found out how to reset it! I did it and now i have two leds blinking RUN/STOP & IO/MEM. This has for sure to do with some shortcircuit to an input or an output. But why can't i connect to plc unit... Does anyone has any circuit with max485 to build? Thank you
  3. Yes i am sure that he only led that is blinking is RUN/STOP. I think all other leds are off. Now that i installed software in plain dos i will try to connect again. Thank you very much. I will post my results later. BTW do you know that if the adapter i made and posted the circuit is correct? Thank you again.
  4. You mean the top 3 leds. all off except from run led that flashes
  5. Leds 0,2,3,4,6,12 are on. Led run is flashing. I will try to go online later today. Thanks for your interest.
  6. The interface is the one i posted with max485 & rs232.What about pin12 for ascii data ? Should it be closed or open ?
  7. My friend Sparky no i don't have the unit's program but the unit has eprom module addon so i want to believe that program is there. Anyway do you know that adaptor schema is ok? I made a pcb for it so it is wired ok. If i connect successfully is there any way to diagnose the unit and find what is wrong or am i loosing my time? To the unit i connected the GND, Data(A) , Data(B) and got the VCC wires.
  8. Ok now i installed PL72 in a dos machine. Are other settings ok? Also does anyone knows if adaptor circuit works? Thank you
  9. I have a problem connecting to the unit, i always get 'driver initialization error' here is my dos configuration in virtual pc. Maybe i should go with real dos ?
  10. Indeed the password was xtel but i didn't find any function to connect to the unit. I will try with dos based software. Thank you all. I will get back to you with my results. Thank you again.
  11. I do have the dos based software and installed it allready with success. I also made the converter with max485. Do i need to know anything else before i try to read the unit ? RS485_to_RS232_Converter_Schematic.pdf
  12. Hello to all. I am new in plc world and i want to know how can i read & programm a tsx17 plc unit. I installed the dos software in an old laptop and the xtel6.1 suite in an os2 emulator. I made the interface rs232 to rs485 using max485 and now my problem is that in xtel i need username & password. All theese to help a friend of mine which his plc doesn't run anymore but only flashing red led. I will try to communicate with the unit but what is the username and the password for xtel suite ? I downloaded the OS2_XTEL_PL72_Full archive from net. Thank you