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  1. RSlogix 5000 ASCII

    Ok I've done exactly like the exemple and now it work good ! Thanks for help bro
  2. RSlogix 5000 ASCII

    Hello ! I've build up a little program allowing me to read bar code and convert them into a Integer memory. My problem is ; I'm not able to clear the buffer after reading a code. So I can only read one code, after that, I'm block. I've try All Clear Buffer command but could not get it to work right. Any help would be welcome !!! p.s. I'm using a L23E
  3. Positioning with MX2

    Ok I'm still having issues with my programmation. I've got a 1000 PPR Encoder and no information about my engine, the faceplate is missing, but its around 1 Hp 3 Phase 208 V. My problem is : let say I ask for the position 250, it goes there, stop with DC injection and goes back to zero (working just fine). But the second time, It does around 50 pulse, stop, and gave back error : E80.3. I'm sending you my program. Also i'm unable to auto-tune my engine and upgrade Cx-drive to open the file you send me.
  4. Positioning with MX2

    I think it will be OK, I've got the simple positionning working good !! Thanks for all the help buddy !!
  5. Positioning with MX2

    Yes I got this message, and I've follow the step, set the parameter H020 to H024 and tried the recommandation in the manual. Also i've been unable to open the file you send me with cx-one.
  6. Positioning with MX2

    Ok I've follow the step-by-step guide but can't get the auto-tuning to work.
  7. Positioning with MX2

    I could not find the auto-tune function. Could you point it out to me please ?
  8. 3G3MX2 Inverter

    I'm trying to perform simple positioning with my 3G3MX2 Drive and she gave me a unknow command display : ''no_E''. I've looked in the datasheet and could not find this code line. Any of you know what it mean ? I think it must stand for no entry, but I'm not sure. Thanks for help
  9. Positioning with MX2

    Yeah ! this should help a lot, thanks buddy !
  10. Positioning with MX2

    I'd like to know if any of you already used the positioning option of the Omron 3G3MX2 drive ? What I wanna do is connect my encoder directly to the drive and set the 8 position of my receiver boxes. The drive will need to position the rotative table directly in front of the box, stop until the ejection is complete and replace itself to home position. I think it's possible but i've got some issu with the programmation. Any help will be welcome ! Mick
  11. problem with a Omron MX2 drive

    Ok ! Thanks for help buddy
  12. problem with a Omron MX2 drive

    Yess I'm using the keypad to program and vary the speed, you believe plugging it via Ethernet to my computer would allow me easiest configuration ? Is there any way to block the F001 command so it stay at 60 Hz even if I change speed with the keypad ?
  13. problem with a Omron MX2 drive

    Hello, I'm trying to set my MX2 drive in order to get 60 Hz after pressing run button. It's working good, but as soon as I change the frequency while the motor is running it goes wrong. If I stop and restart it goes back to the frequency it was running before the stop, instead of going back to 60 Hz. for exemple I,m running at 60 Hz, I lower it to 50 Hz, press stop then press run again : it will go back to 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz. Is there a way to correct this ? Thanks for your help
  14. barcode reader to PLC

    Ok thanks for the hint buddy
  15. Hello, I've got a problem with my Micrologix 1000 analog, Input: 0/0 and 0/2 toggle on together when I trigger one or the other : If I trigger I:0/0, 0/2 will get active too and vice-versa. I've check the force sheet and there's nothing. Maybe it's just fried from the inside ? p.s. It was working good yesterday Thanks for the help.