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  1. Sending messages between T3H and ControlLogix

    Alas if only it were that simple. Unfortunately the exact Ethernet Dialect spoken by AB differs from Toshiba. You'll most likely need some form of a protocol converter.
  2. Has anyone done messaging from a ControlLogix to a Toshiba T3H? I am having difficulty finding any documention to support setup of either PLC to talk to each other on an ethernet network. I have an EN311 in the T3H and an ENBT-A in the ControlLogix. I'm pretty sure I have to use a MSG in the ControlLogix and a RECV in the T3H, but I'm unsure what settings to use in either one. Any input would be very helpful.
  3. rs500 online graphic

    I know it's resurrecting a VERY old thread...but what does this icon look at in the processor to determine the speed of animation. Judging by the difference in speed between several of our processors, it seems to be linked to communication or network speed. We have two different SLC 5/05 processors on the same subnet and there is a significant difference in the speed of the ladder spinning. I have been working on communication timing on the processor that happens to have the slower icon speed....and I was wondering what the icon was looking at...maybe something that quantifies the communication time of the SLC? That would be a great diagnostic tooll for the issue I am addressing.