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  1. Ultra 100 to Ultra 3000 upgrade

    I've been trying that but when I drag the file over the new drive the cursor turns into a circle with a line through it and if I drop the file anywhere in the workspace it adds it as a new offline drive, I've also tried copying the new offline drive that it creates when I import or copy the .par file into the workspace and the same thing happens just another new offline drive. Mark
  2. Hi, I've been working on upgrading a machine from an old ulta 100 servo drive to the newer ultra 3000. So far I got ultaware to convert the old .par that I pulled right off the old drive to the new .udb format, and I got the new ultra 3000 playing nice with the pc here in ultraware. However, no matter what I do I can't get ultraware to paste the converted file onto the new drive. I can, and have, moved all the old settings over one at a time, I just can't get the whole file to copy and paste into the new drive. If anyone can think of something that would be preventing this from working your info would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  3. New Cx-One won't install on 64bit Laptop

    What os is running on the laptop?
  4. Subnet Mask

    assuming you've already tried restarting RSLinx, and restarting the computer (force NIC drivers to reload from scratch with the new default gateway). The next thing I would try myself would be setting PC default gateway to the ip of the router.
  5. Subnet Mask

    +1 J.B. Jennings I had the same thought when I looked at the drawing. If you can change the ip on machine 2 to 192.xxx.xxx.xxx it should make things a lot easier. Mark
  6. Subnet Mask

    Do the three different ip ranges actually represent different networks more specifically are there really three different DHCP servers active or just three defined ip ranges on one server? If you actually have three seperate subnets then blanking your local machine mask should open everything up so you can at least see it all at the same time, you may still have to switch ip's to "talk to" devices on the other networks. I'm curious myself weather this works for you please let us know. FYI - the only problem I can see arising is potentially increased rates of packet collision; probably not a very big deal.
  7. I don't suppose anyone has heard anything about an android app?
  8. Welcome to mrplc.com

    Hi All, I thought I would use my very first post to introduce myself to the community. My education is in automated systems and robotics, and although my real interest is in controls and specifically programming I've spent the last two year since my matriculation working as a maintenance mechanic first in a potato processing plant and now in a BBQ plant. I'm the vacuform packaging specialist, but I try to throw myself at any controls problem we have just to try to stop myself from getting rusty while turning wrenches. In my time off I design and build and network computers. I'm blessed with a wonderful wife and two fantastic french bulldogs. I can't wait to join the conversation. Mark