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  1. Thanks, I have been in contact with Jim and will ask him about this issue. Appreciate the reply. FredD
  2. Thanks, Would that be a software issue? It seems there is plenty of memory capacity available. Does the PLC WorkShop for Modicon - 32 Bit have this limitation? (If you are familiar with it.) Appreciate the reply! FredD
  3. Is there a network per segment limit in Proworx NxT? Thanks, FredD
  4. Modbus Cable Length

    You can always go to an RS232 to RS485 convertor to get more distance...1200 meters/4000 ft.
  5. I am still using Proworx NxT version 2.20 and a Quantum 113/3. I would like to trigger an event at 5 am and 5pm. There doesn't seem to be a compare that will look at the clock registers and pass a signal to trigger a bit. I must be missing something because that should be an easy function. Thanks, FredD
  6. Thanks for the help guys - It definately has something to do with the segments - I cannot move these two rungs accross to segment one and when I deleted them and made new rungs in segment 1, my remote I/O shut down. Anyway, I'm still beating on it. FredD
  7. I am not certain how that function works. I know I did not block them, but I am new to this project and do not know if they were blockedby the previous programmer. Can you tell me how that function is supposed to work? Thanks, FredD
  8. OK - Tell me what files you need and where to send them. FredD
  9. Thanks for the reply, It is Proworx NxT version 2.20 and a Quantum 113/3 The PLC is not in failure or halted. This text comes up on the lower left hand of the screen where normally the file name shows up. Network 498 was just added and it says network skipped and 499 is blank and it says skipped. All other networks are fine, including several that I just modified. Thanks, FredD
  10. Hello - How do I remove the "network skipped" message from two of my networks? I have 499 networks and the last two say skipped when I am online with the program running. All the other networks are fine. The document help says nothing about this that I could find. Thanks for your help! FredD