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  1. Day light savings time ML 1400

    Hello Does anybody have experience with how to go about handling automatic adjustment for day light savings in ML 1400? Can not seem to find anything in documentation or in PLC settings. Thank you for your help
  2. Hello I have three pumps that run on 3 timers one after another non stop. All three pumps share the same current sense which is what I use to determine the status of the pump(run). The logic attached works fine with contractors. Fail over works correctly. As soon as I switch to current sense, when a pump is called and somebody turns a switch to off position, next pump in line should pick it up as a fail over. For some reason when a fail over occurs, instead of switching over to the next pump, it starts flickering, trying to run both pumps. I am positive it has to do with the fact that i am sharing the same current sense (three wires going through it) but can not figure out what is causing this up and and down flickering. Please help! PUMPS.pdf Pumps.RSS
  3. Rslogix 500 help with logic

    Hello I am still missing something. The issue is that if one of the blowers is in hand/HOA, program should ignore it. So in a single mode or two blower mode, if any of blowers are in hand, they should be ignored. I can not seem to figure out a way to accomplish that. Please help! ML1400 UNTITLED.pdf UNTITLED.RSS
  4. Rslogix 500 help with logic

    Coil bit B3:21/6 is on HMI. it is a two state button 0 and 1. So the end user chooses in which mode blowers will operate by pressing a button on HMi screen which in turn sets a bit for B3:21/6. The rest of a program has no references to this blower logic.
  5. Rslogix 500 help with logic

    Hello I have a 3 blower logic. Two modes. Mode is changes by pressing a button on a HMI screen, program is on ML 1400. Mode ONE: One blower at a time. 3 blowers total. Each blower goes on and off for a set period of time. Next blower comes second hour, and third blower comes on third hour, fourth hour first blower comes back on again. If running blower fails(contactor), next blower picks up until first(or which ever turn) blower is fixed. Mode TWO: Just like mode one except that two blowers run 2 at a time such as AB - BC- AC. If any of running blowers fail, third spare blower comes on. The problem: In a situation where I am in a single blower mode, if a single running blower fails, instead of another single blower turning on, I have two blowers turning on. As soon as failed blowers(contactor) is fixed, everything goes back to a single blower mode. Somewhere I am crossing fail over logic between single mode and double mode but do not see where. I hope my confusing description makes sense. I also have an oxygen sensor that dictates when blowers turn but please ignore that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Blowers.pdf
  6. Convert .cha to PanelView Plus?

    Hello I have PanelView C1000 which has built in editor and produces .cha files. Is there any way to import/convert .cha file into PanelView Plus format?
  7. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    Mickey, I have attached working version PDF and non working version. the only difference is that I used float instead of straight Input. Unless I am missing something? working.pdf
  8. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    Looks like MicroLogix can not handle on the fly AI 4-20ma to AO 0-10v SCP scaling. It did work AI into Float, SCP AI float range AO range Analog output Thank you for your help
  9. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    Mickey, I get an Error: Operand sizes do not match
  10. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    I was trying to take scaled value from 4-20ma analog card input, divide that by 163.83 which I think is 1% of 0-16383 range and multiple that by .1 which is 1% of 0-10V range. Assign that value to AI output 0 on the plc itself. Example attached but it does not assign anything to output Please see rung 5,6 and 7 Thanks AI Output.pdf
  11. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    Hello I have ML1400 with 1762-IF4 expansion card. How do I go about taking an analog input 4-20ma on expansion card and converting that to 0 - 10 V analog output on the PLC itself. PLC only has two AIs and they can not do 4-20ma only voltage. I presume there is some kind of conversion possible 4-20ma to 0 -10V? Thank you for your help
  12. Hello I have ML1400 with 1762-IQ16 in slot 5. For some reason I only see DI 12-15 when power is applied to those inputs. However anything between 1-11 is always showing as 0 even when power is applied. I have two cards that are doing that. Both Dcoms are connected to a common. Did anybody ever see a problem like this? Thanks for any help
  13. AB1400 Different Port

    Thanks for the info The idea was to set up a dsl line for remote site. Reason for not using dial up is a very poor line connection(static). It takes 5 min to update the program. During that time I loose connection 95% time. DSL would allow for quick update even if connection is not that great. So the idea is to get DSl line, install cisco router, connect ML1400 to a router, forward ports. The problem I am experienciung is that cisco does not seem to support raw packets. I can not get to PLC using cisco, but if I connect streight to PC or a dumb switch there is no problem. I have PanelView C1000 and it works fine with Cisco router. I understand it is using Windows CE. Is there a router that supports raw packets? Thank you
  14. AB1400 Different Port

    Hello I am wondering if somebody had experience with setting up AB Micrologix PLC such as 1400 or similar to respond on different port such as Not sure if it is even possible? Thanks for any help
  15. ML 1400 failed or program corrupt dial out procedure

    Re: OkiePC. I will try that. What if I have to modify a program remotely, in this case I will have a false alarm going out without somebody manually unplugging a modem. Thank you