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  1. RSview32 Visual basic crashing

    Perhaps the VB 6 runtime files. Sounds like operator doing something out of sequence so not sure this will help
  2. Logix 5000 tag descriptions

    Most of us have done them time will never get back searches and since I started new job where they have Control Logix 5000 present you just saved me the time figuring it out and I say Thanks
  3. Ffl and ffu slc500

    Gerry You explained it better than I could have but I knew that was the problem with using shift register. I would have to have the 10 in their before it shifted out. There are other ways to look at what you have loaded and manipulate it that way but the FFL was perfect for my application since i needed to track the sequence and unload in same order it went in. With the FFL which is a FIFO= First In First Out As I mentioned the section could have as many as 10 or maybe even just 1 on it. We're averaging 40 - 50 an hour. And have hit 60. On another note whoever ordered the conveyor ordered a very fast gearbox and I'm not sure of ratio now but old one was so sloo--ooow. I designed this with that in mind with possibly 4-6 on it at any time before the conveyor showed up in plant. This thing is so fast it only takes about 20 seconds to hit the unload photo. We actually laugh at it because we don't have any in the plant like it. If you can imagine a 50KVA transformer weighing 500lbs. covering 30 feet in 20 seconds its really hilarious. But we're already looking at downsizing the ratio. It is really heavy duty conveyor and theres no problems but it just don't look like it will be good on the chains. "V-ger" episode of Star-Trek was produced OOps ya caught me. The very first time I created a username on the web I had just finished watching a re-run on that episode.
  4. Ffl and ffu slc500

    Just to reply and say I've got it going with the FFL. Works real smooth. Somewhat modified from my original version but it still works and I have room to add extra information that may be needed in the future like reason ejected that Ian mentions. I've learned a lot from this one so it was well worth it.
  5. Now that you said that I recall that may have been the trouble. We had version 4.10 Logix and Lite 1.7 I think back then. We now have Logix 5.20 and Linx Lite 2.31 and it goes online instantly
  6. RG we had the same problem with Linx Lite and could'nt communicate on a 1500 Micro. We tried everything we could think. We finally just put full version Linx in and went online in secs using the DF1 and cable for the Micro. Hehe while i was typin out a response chakorules beat me in their. Follow what he had to say but we tried all that and the Electro Tech with me has bunch of experience, I do also but we could'nt get Lite to fly for nothing. It worked with other SLCs just not the micro.
  7. Ffl and ffu slc500

    BIN95 Thats basically what I'm doing with this FFL. If when eject its bad it sets the bit indicating bad and starts moving down the conveyor. I have a Photo there to make sure I have an eject otherwise nothing moves (fail safe). If a second one is ejected and its good it sets good bit. The neat thing about this FFL is when it reaches point where it goes either to good line or bad it unloads the first 'File' in which is bad and so forth and then the stack shifts by one. So in actuality i have 10 zones in this particular file and can make it up to 128. I've said 10 since thats all that will fit in the space of this conveyor so to be safe i make my stack 12. I think on normal run all i'll have is 3-4 on the line. No way to get em off line unless they fall off for some un seen reason cause they weigh upwards of 200lbs and thats the small one, but then i think the operator would immediately switch to manual or E-stop which i've fixed to clear my stack.
  8. Ffl and ffu slc500

    chakorules - Thanks for that sample Chako. If i don't get this FFL going I had decided to try Bit Shift. And I already have the operator thing solved. They can't control the discharge section of these unless they drop it to manual. If they do I simply clear everything and they have to unload the lines manually. They already know and do that. They lose 2-3 minutes but they accept that so i have'nt told them i could fix it. At a later date I plan on fixing where they can drop to manual and I still track them Units irregardless since I have a few photocells along this line. One to make sure it was'nt false eject, one before the turntable to stop any others from entering till its ready and one on the table. 93lt1 - Since i have the operator unload covered right now. The first in is the first out regardless if you have loaded 3 to the stack or 10 and it automatically shifts the register for you. Thats why i wanted to experiment with this. It uses the S:24 index register bit to keep track of where its at and that bit resets itself to last state after a fault or anything. Since its also using the R6:0 for control you add a line if stack becomes empty then do a reset on R6:0 itself R6:0.DN               R6:0 --| |--------------(RES ) and at same time I load my stack with all 0's using the Fill File to make sure. Theres other things I have found and am still debugging before i try it out. I allways add the uh oh's just in case. I'm sure we all try to think of every possible situation and make sure its coded to handle that beforehand. :D
  9. Ffl and ffu slc500

    Yes i have looked at them but have'nt used. This FFL looks interesting and it will do everything for you. Once loaded it shifts the stack up and will unload off the top. I just wanted to try something new. I've dug up a little info off the web but was hoping someone that used them knew a few tricks.  :)
  10. Ffl and ffu slc500

    I am trying to change my program on a machine. Heres the rundown. I eject parts from machine and at that point the machine tells SLC good or bad. Then it travel's down 30' of conveyor and it comes to point where it must swap either to bad or good line. Have no way tracking which one is which except the way I do it> Currently i am setting a RTO which times only when conveyor is running and am using latches along with that. What I would like to do is change that to a FFL/FFU with at max 10 parts on conveyor at any time. I have'nt ever used the FFL/FFU  and its somewhat unclear to me. I won't load the whole file just the Test FFL.rss i am playing with. Its for a SLC503 and its RSLOgix 5.00. I only have a fixed SLC in the shop to play with and it does'nt support FFL/FFU. Guess what I'm asking is does this look correct. If Bad i set B9:0/0 then FFL loads the File with that bit set and if not it loads a blank file I am presuming.                                                   Mark   Eject                                          Bad               B9:0/0 ---| |--------------------------------| |----(OSR)---( )---                                             |                                             |   _FFL_                                             |--|                                                 |Source       B9:0                                                 |FIFO          #N7:0                                                 |Control       R6:0                                                 |Length       10                                                 |Position      0                                                   Make Photo and unload           Photo                               _FFU_ -------- | |------------------------|                                                 |FIFO          #N7:0                                                 |Dest          B3:1                                                 |Control       R6:0                                                 |Length       10                                                 |Position      0                                                       Photo                                  Send Bad     Bad Part                                                 B3:1/0 -----| |--------------------------------| |--------( )-----                                               |                                               |                                               |   Send Bad     Good Part                                                      B3:1/0                                                ------|/|--------( )----- Another presumption is if i unload then it will set the bit on since the file it loaded had 1 bit set. And if blank it unloads but sets nothing. Lost here and hope someone can set me straight on these FFL's since they look like they can do what I want. Or do I need to condition the bits its loading/unloading? I assume also that regardless whether i fill the FIFO stack that on unload it grabs first one set although it may be only at 3 or the 10 maximum will fit on conveyor.  If you include a file make sure it's RSLogix5.00 or export to SLC. The boneheads I work with stopped the updates at 5.00 even though I told them there would be fixes to some problems shortly. They wanted to get on one version and stick with it till a major upgrade or at least one command line junky who does'nt like RSLogix. He's stuck in the 70's Thanks for any help FFL.rss
  11. Seqencer output example?

    :0  Actually when I was thinking of how to export like to slc file or to a .rss or draw it out in a .txt file I seen what was preventing it from working. Strange that I had done loaded that thing 2 times in between crashes of our Dell laptop and working on it back on the desktop and could'nt see the light in front of me. Duh   If you was going to include a file to post which method would you use here. Export to .slc or .rss or maybe just copy the line from the ladder?
  12. Seqencer output example?

    I'd like to see that myself. trying to get something to work and have been unsucessful. See if it would be useful for what I'm trying to do. I want to start a conveyor, that has a photocell. If sw. is open i want to seal in and run till it makes sw. and then move it like 200 ms further after it makes. If its made at start it does same thing except it goes open then when making again it moves the 200ms. I have 4 conveyors staging parts in to a test system. I have it running but am unable to get the extra move to work correctly. I've tried it different ways like with a TOF doing the extra move but its inconsistent. I'd draw it out but not quite sure how you do that here. Any ideas? I 'm using Logix 5.0 with a SLC500 so a .rss would be ok or anything prior if someone has an example. Our engineering guys dropped our support even though 5.00 has a few bugs. I'm almost sure its crashing our laptop with Win ME on it. Besides the RSView not working on it.