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  1. Hi guys. Few weeks ago, We made a modification to the code of PanelView Plus 1000, we added a RecipePlus Table, but when we run it we cannot see the real status of the information of the controller nor responds to the HMI, but when we run the old code it works very well; this PV uses RS232 to communicate with the controller. Somebody has some idea of what it can be the problem? we already reviewed part by part the file and does not find differentiate some. Since information we did the same with another PV, connected to a MicroLogix 5000 using Ethernet, and this it works very well. Thanks in advance.
  2. At the moment I am working with panelview that controls the position of two servomotors (using a micrologix), these servomotors can be positioned for independent part numbers or the same part number. At the moment I'm using recipeplus to position them according with part number, previously I did it manual and independent. My problem is that if I want to modify the position of a servomotor I must be very careful not to modify the other servomotor. I have tried to have two recipeplus, but both controls call to the same recipeplus. I have looked for information in the forum and web but I have not been successful. Somebody knows if it is possible (have two or more recipeplus working together)? or/and how do it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Cincinnati Milacron Robot

    Hello everybody, I´m fixing a cincinati milacron robot, 3 axes servos, but I don´t have software, my customer neither. Somebady knows where I could search or find it? I have this data, from controller: Model: OPTIMUM SERVO Serial #: 0-99072 Manuf. #: S-44352 Teachpendant: Optimum Serier Thanks in advanced
  4. Hi all, I need improve a system. We have 3 machines (3 PLC and 3 HMI); a machine (pair of PLC & HMI with ethernet) controlling movement of motors of others ones and others two machines with themselves process. Now, we want send information, from a database in PC (as server), to the PanelView when we call information from these and write it in PLC address, somebody has experience or example about it? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Data through PLC-PanelView-PC

    Thanks guys, I'm on it.
  6. Hi all, I am developing a project in which I must transfer 6 data from a excel sheet, when selecting an option in the PanelView 1000+, to a Micrologix 1500. I have seen example and already I have realised some test, but only of shipment the data from Micrologix to excel. I'm been doing through RSLinx. Somebady knows how send data from excel to plc? Thanks in advance.