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  1. Help with CN3 monitor cable!

    Hi, everyone! I would like to know how to get servomotor's informations via cable R7A-CCA002P2N-V1, that is a CN3 cable with RS-232 communication. I heard that it is by Modbus protocol, but I am new at it and I think I need some help. The point is to get the encoder's information right trough the PC. But I don't have any clue of how to communicate. Thank you very much, Jobi
  2. Hi everyone, I've been working with a Smartstep servomotor, model R7M-A20030-S1, with the corresponding driver. I'm doing a simple positioning PID control to study the influences of the gains in the system's response. I need, obviously, to read the encoder's information, and I only dispose of the R88A-CPU002SN-V1 cable and either of a RS-232 or a RS-422 cable. Does anyone have some information to give me about it? Like the communication protocol, connections, etc. The point is just to read information from the encoder. Thank you for the help, Jobi