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  1. B&R CP70

    Dear Everybody, I found this post and I have problem with same plc which needs programming. Does anybody have the Prosys software to share, or please information where to get it and the interface too ? Thanks
  2. It´s not so easy,after deleting is not possible to start Windows normally,because this User Interface making changes inside config.sys and Autoexec,also i think some changes are in Windows/Command folder
  3. Ok, i know that is pain under XP but I tryed also under Win95 and Win98 - no success! Any help is needed,my mail address
  4. How to uninstall this program and all those components. Does somebody have a correct software for programming TSX17-20
  5. No,inside there is directory XDOSSYS\HLP and this includes folders Eng,Fre,Ger,Ita,Spa
  6. I tryed both way,also another PC,shows same error. Pl 7.2 versions i have a maybe 10 different files downloaded from net. Under Win95 there was error : Fatal error :107 C:\Autoexec.bat I copied this Autoexec.bat from win98, then this problem was resolved. but still stops installing and shows this fatal error 214 C:\XDOSSYS\HLP\*.* I can´t understand what does means this *.*
  7. Hi Everybody. I have problem with install a PL7-2 software for programming TSX17 First installing a user interface from floppy is OK When I start installing a program then apperars error Fatal Error :214 C:\XDOSSYS\HLP\*.* What is the reason for this? OP system is Win98 and laptop is PII IBM ThinkPad I tryed also Win95 and other PC´s - result is same. I did everything like in this help manual Greetings Pertti PL7_2_V51.doc
  8. Toshiba EX20+

    Dear Mr Jonathan Levin, I have same controller and same problem.Can you send me this drawing?