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    Welcome, As a start I would check out the  Analogue Manual Section B there is a mass of info along with a practical programming example to get your teeth into.   Steve
  2. Check this website for info, appears to be just a USB printer setup.
  3. Timer IC

    you will have to explain further what you mean by the term 'IC' what do you refer to when you say IC
  4. Timer IC

    assuming you mean a timer intergrated circuit a simple well documented unit would be a 555 timer ic, for use with a minimal number of discrete components
  5. You can choose whether  D200 to D511 are latched or not, the 'fixed latched' are just as stated fixed.  
  6. Download the manual no. JY997D16601 and look at the 'devices in detail' it explains how to configure 'D' registers and which ones are battery backed etc. Steve
  7. Mitsubishi FX2N PLC to GOT 1000 HMI

    I believe that the GOT1000 serial port you refer to may actually be a rs422 to rs232 converter plugged into the HMI, if you look carefully I think you'll find it's removable (well it is on my GOT1504).
  8. Clearing CPU Faults SLC500/502/503..

    Set Status bit S:1/8 to '1' this clears the major/minor fault bits on power up, unfortunately this needs to be set offline in the program then downloaded to the processor, I would be more concerned as to what is causing the faulting of the processor and solve that issue.
  9. Lacthed Memory Turned Off?

    Check for something like K2M100, where the M100 in this example represents your latched bits, the example shown actions M100 through to M115, the K2 represents 2 nybbles (2 x 4bits) also check the used devices list. are the addresses being written to by a HMI or external equipment?
  10. FX2N program

    You don't need to type in |STL|, just the S20, So F5 to get | | then enter S20   Steve
  11. How to make a recipe?

    If your post is correct you are using the GOT Special Internal device (GS) these only have a range of 0 -2047 (depending on the display type), You should be using GD (range of 65535) Steve
  12. Try %MW100:X0 to %MW100:X15 Steve  
  13. I've not used the latest software or HMI's, but with the GOT1000 & GOT2000 with RS232 you have to set enable the 5Volt power supply in the HMI utility setup for the comm port. Steve Sorry should have read the post carefully didn't see it was a proface. On the same note - try selecting it to VCC, I think this is similar to the GOT's.    
  14. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    For One shotting a p/button take a look here :-10 ways to toggle a relay using one p/button Steve
  15. FX3U (le3u) countdown timer?

    For a simple countdown display for a HMI or anything else for that matter, just subtract the timer (counter, whatever) accumulated time (value) from the preset. Steve