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  1. FX3U (le3u) countdown timer?

    For a simple countdown display for a HMI or anything else for that matter, just subtract the timer (counter, whatever) accumulated time (value) from the preset. Steve  
  2. SER Intsruction Help

    SER instrustion is a search function, in your example D2504 is the start of the search array, D2601 is the value it is searching for, D2501 is the position within the array it found the match, D2600 is the number of elements in the searched array. The values in D2504 and D2601 are changing because somewhere in your program they are being indexed either directly or indirectly, you would need to find these to understand what is being achieved with this coding.   Steve
  3. Unexpected file format file translate help

    The .ACH extension was used for the Allen Bradley 6200 software, if this is the case RSlogix500 should still be able to open it.   Steve

    To be honest, I think 11 inputs are a little overkill for what you are trying to achieve, this gives the possibility of 2^11 (1024) settings. How many different settings are required? Steve
  5. Up Down Counter (Mitsubishi FX1N)

    It was a rhetorical reply😊 Steve  
  6. Up Down Counter (Mitsubishi FX1N)

    Something like this maybe?  
  7. configuration FX Developer for FX-24MR-ES

    You may have to check, as I just found this:- 0900766b8002fb9e.pdf
  8. Mitsubishi PID controller design help

    You could take a look at this manual, it goes into a lot of detail. JY997D16701 look for section M Steve
  9. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    As stated we need the complete program, the files you have sent are only part of the program structure, the RESOURCE folder is missing. I have managed to open the file using a substitute RESOURCE folder but obviously the program isn't correct. Steve
  10. I don't think the FX3s Supports bit level actions on Data files, ie D1.0 is not allowed, you could convert the D file to M bits by (MOV)ing D file to K4M0 using the M bit then convert back to D file (MOV k4M0 D0) or conversely use the GOT display to do the donkey work utilising scripting.   Steve
  11. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    The example from the help file appears to be incorrect, The data blocks in s7-300 are natively byte wide (8 bits), the GOT registers on the other hand are 16 bit wide, so it requires 2 bytes of the Siemens DB to make up a 16 bit integer in the GOT. DB1.DBX0.0 - > DB1.DBW0.b0 DB1.DBX0.7 - > DB1.DBW0.b7 DB1.DBX1.0 - > DB1.DBW0.b8 DB1.DBX1.7 - > DB1.DBW0.b15 etc., etc.
  12. FX2N-16EYR Error Output

    Or if you are using 16 bit devices you can use [= d200 d300 m200], [> d200 d300 m200],[< d200 d300 m200] etc. which will only use the one result bit (eg M200), the compare function CMP would be required for 32 bit compare. The manual is quite intuitive,  
  13. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Extract from the manual,   abb VFD.pdf
  14. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    It would appear that the VFD does not have an analogue voltage output , only a 0 to 20mA current output. You can modify the Logo input to read current, or you could use a 500 ohm resistor to convert to 0 -10V.   Steve
  15. GX works 3 - new version change log

    If you generate an account with Mitsubishi Automation and register your software, it will verify your version and it will notify you by email whenever there is an update, it does this with software and documentation with links to download (free of charge).   Steve