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  1. That's a real shame, thankx anyway!!
  2. Hey, Crossbow The "Modicon" loads just like the C_H/Eaton. all the drivers for the different PLC's and comm. types. do you happen to have a Users Manual for this dinosaur?
  3. Does anyone have the User Manual for the Modicon Plus 1000? Trying to program a "ReadOut" template to show the value of a PLC-5 Integer file. Keeps saying that the "N" is not a valid file type. I've done this on the Cutler-Hammer PM1000. The Modicon will not allow the C-H program to download, says it's not a C-H product. Thankx in advance for any help
  4. Does anybody have the manual that describes the switches on the 884A-201?? I haven't worked on one of these in about 8 years. The manual I used to have has grown legs GAS69