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  1. KM50 Power Meter to NS5

    hi sir/s: i also have the same errors as stated above, but a different connection.. i'm trying to connect a NS5 to a network of PLC's.. but will only communicate to a single PLC out of 7 overall.. the PLC where the scada is connected has an IP address of; network address of 1 and node 2. i would like to connect to the PLC connected to it; it's ntwk address is 20, and node 3. when setting these parameters to the NS5 (through download from memory card) the error is: "Timeout Error Occurs while downloading the data. Allocation HOST: (name of host) when i've tried to switch the ntwk address and node numbers, the error became: "Addressing Error exist in the screen, Alarm, data log or Marco. Screen Number: 0 Allocation HOST: HOST3 Allocation Address: HOST3 400002 MRES=11, SRES=04" i've also tried to adjust the time out time, and tried several other things, but to no avail.. i hope someone can help me.. thank you very much!
  2. time-in monitoring in CX-designer

    @jay: hehe, thank u so much sir. :) i'll now try to use that method..
  3. time-in monitoring in CX-designer

    @PdL: yes it does have a slot, but i don't think the client have any available memory card.
  4. time-in monitoring in CX-designer

    @scottheil: thank you very much sir for your help!.. unfortunately, the HMI do not have a memory card and so i cannot use that method. im still looking for other options right now T_T
  5. time-in monitoring in CX-designer

    hi to everyone, i have an application involving a hmi that will be use to enter several units a time with their number,model, etc. how can i monitor the date and time of its entry? should i use a database? please give me some ideas regarding this problem, i am quite new in regards to programming databases. thank you all for the help..
  6. C20HB-LK201 upgrade to CJ1G-CPU42H

    thank you very much for the help sir.. :)
  7. C20HB-LK201 upgrade to CJ1G-CPU42H

    @bob: hehe me too.. :) @Pdl: yeah, the link adapter is LK201.. i think the CPU is C20HB PLC. @Jay anthony: tnx sir.. god bless.. :)
  8. C20HB-LK201 upgrade to CJ1G-CPU42H

    hello! i just want to ask if you guys could give some advice regarding upgrading of C20HB-LK201 to CJ1G-CPU42H.. Ive already finished the program part.. Im new to commissioning/installing of PLCs into the panel,so i dont know exactly what to do. thanks! :) if ever u have a manual or any info about c20HB-LK201, pls let me know, i cant find any news about it. thanks in advice guys! :)
  9. Fal Errors In Omron C20hb

    hi guys, i just want to ask if you have any manual about omron's c20hb-lk201, ive checked the omron's site and catalogs but i did'nt find any.. maybe because its "old".. thank u! :)