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  1. FX-16MR Wiring Issue

    maybe you can check for hardware error with PLC diagnostics function?
  2. FX3G Ethernet

    Thank you!
  3. FX3G Ethernet

    Hi, I ve been thinking of connecting two FX3G plcs and an HMI on a local Ethernet, which ethernet adapter is reccommended for FX3G? Thanks for reading! Regards, Georgios
  4. Remote I/O module (CC-link) on GX IEC Developer

    Just use the 8 Inputs not the outputs, u can also use just the 8 bits of the 16bits RemoteInput
  5. Remote I/O module (CC-link) on GX IEC Developer

    Hello Constantinos, I think you have to use an FB named " RemoteInOut_8Bit " All the best!
  6. 64bit OS support

    I have problems with Q usb drivers for Windows 7 with 64bit processor, is there Mitsubishi support for Windows 7 ?
  7. Problem with A1S Data Link network

    Also, if you remove from the rack this module you should see DIP switches on the side (node settings)
  8. remote programming to Q01 plc

    If you want to program your PLC remotely, at first you need to establish connection (PSTN,ISDN,Internet,..) between your programming platform and your PLC. eg You could connect a serial modem with 232port of 1101, connect local and remote modem, and use transparent mode to program your PLC
  9. Q UDE

    Thank you for assistance, i ll try these new FBs!
  10. Q UDE

    Thank you, it looks to me that it is not possible to exchange data between 2 or more UDEs, better use something like Qm CPU and QJ71 ethernet module
  11. FX3U and GM106

    Thanks for the reply, However, i am sure there is nothing wrong with my national SMS provider number because when i replace FX3U and i connect Alpha XL to GM106 my system is working as expected. I claim there is something wrong with hardware. Did anybody make FX3U and GM106 communicate? Regards
  12. QJ71E71

    I use GX IEC Developer
  13. QJ71E71

    Hello! Simultaneous broadcasting using UDP protocol on Q systems is working and performs very well! I don't know about the performance of other configurations. Hope the best for your system!

    --This configuration is working, want to try? 3U_ENET.rar
  15. Q UDE

    Hello everybody, Has anybody experienced multiple Q UDE data exchange? Moreover, can i exchange data (fixed buffer) over Ethernet between eg three Q03UDE using only a common switch (no hmi, no scada), built-in Ethernet ports, and cheap CAT5 cable ? Thanks