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  1. CQM1 CPU41 - OD214 Multiplexer

    Solved. Solution on the picture. (MOVD #230 and ORW) Thanks for the help 
  2. CQM1 CPU41 - OD214 Multiplexer

    Thank you for answer. ANDW and MOVD it does not work for me.  See picture ANDW and MOVD. I tried it ANDW and MOVB. The result is similar.  See picture ANDW and MOVB. Where am I making a mistake? Thank you GW For home automation  
  3. CQM1 CPU41 - OD214 Multiplexer

    Hi All,  how to do on a unit OD214 (16 OUT) "LOW" an "HIGH" byte? I need to multiplex address 0-255  (1/2 7 OUT)  and send data (2/2 8-16 OUT) 0-255 OD214 ... Thank you  George Walk  
  4. WINGP support Omron C/CV Series HOST Link ... it works to me by the first picture ...  and can once more PLC
  5. Hello. Resolving home automation whether it is possible to connect several CQM1 PLC and HMI programming terminal. There's got connected figure :  I would like to connect several PLC and HMI display data (WINGP knows several PLC) PLC will not communicate with each other. HMI will transmit data PLC01-PLC03. I'm not sure whether it will work, see:    Thank you 
  6. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    Thank IO_Rack. BCD represents 0-9, Hex represents 0-F (Dec 15, BIN 1111 ). I see Graph understand it. Range -50 DEC = 0 BCD until 0 DEC = 1024 BCD. Range 0 DEC = 1024 BCD until 150 DEC = 3071 BCD. Sum -50 DEC - 150 DEC = 4095 BCD words. Is that right? The difference between the timer < CNT019 and > CNT020? Contact CNT020 SET at 19.01 works ... Main CPU CQM1 CPU41.cxp
  7. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    I've CQM1 CPU41-V1. Supports SCL SCL 2 and 3. I got it as a hobby. I read manuals and sometimes it is not something comprehensible. Maybe now is not working the next day added twentieth timer CNT020 He does so, but the contact does not close after the time # 08 Section Studna_Well Main CPU CQM1 CPU41.cxp
  8. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    well, does not support floating point I used the SCL instead SCL2. This query I am looking for examples of calculation. I found examples in French. Thank you all for directions
  9. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    I found the examples SCL2 -50=0V, +500=10V. this does not return display "decimal numbers -50 500"
  10. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    Thank you all. CQM1 CPU41-V1 dont support floating point ... I found the examples SCL66 -50=0V, +500=10V. This returns the display "decimal numbers -50.0 500.0"
  11. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    I do not understand the calculation according to the manual I have it set: DM0309 = 055A First Parameter. Manual DM0000 DM0310 = 0003 Second Parameter. Manual DM0001 DM0311 = 0002 Third Parameter. Manual DM0002 Senzor: -50 ˚C = 0V 150 ˚C = 10V So it is not linear in its entirety. At the beginning of the scale shows less and at the end of more. Is linear only if the range 0-150 (0-10V). Once, you need to minus -50 - +150 (0-10V) so it gets going. thank you
  12. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    Thank IO_Rack, it's for home automation. AD041 set : 0 to 10 V, 0030 - 0FD0, (SIGNED BINARY TO BCD SCALING SCL2) Program:
  13. Omron CQM1 + AD041

    The CQM1 CPU41-V1 processor support the SCL, SCL2, SCL3. I use SCL2 but do not know how to set it. Temp senzor -50 ˚C = 0V 150 ˚C = 10V How to SCL2? DM 0000 DM 0001 DM 0002 works well in a narrow range. Now it is set. DM 0000 055A DM 0001 0002 DM 0002 0001 I do not need the full range of -50 ˚C - 150 ˚C. Just me -30 ˚C - 120 ˚C. thank you

    thank you for your answer. That's how it could work reliably?
  15. Hi, I solve the problem with the transfer from one source double block into several blocks .... (CQM1 CPU41-V1) DIST(80) - instruction moves only Word. How to move Double Word?? Example: Source data: DM300 and DM301 One double source DMs, DMs+1 to double destination data: S.............S+1............S...........S+1............S.........S+1 DM500, DM501 and DM502, DM503 and DM504, DM505 ...... thank you George