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  1. My project is converting a Quatum Modicon to a Control Logix. We took the Modicon Logic ran it thru a Rockwell converter and created the Control Logix Logic. This was nothing complicated but a large file. In Modicon you have a Memory retentive bit -- (M). This converted to a Latch (OTL) in the Control Logix, we decided to place a coil OTE in Parallel with the Latch so we could unlatch on the rung going false. The memory retentive coil is there to hold memory on power cycle if it ever happened. So.... The question is Unlatch below The latch, or above Consider left a representive of converted logic in the AB. Logic a bit more complicated. A B C lL. U --||--|||--|/|--(OTL)--(OTE). L |. . --||-----|. U. L ----||--------------------(OTU)
  2. Time Sync

    I have a need to synchronize my PLC to a DCS signal. How do I change CPU time in the PLC? What are the best hardware components? My first thought was IRIG-B to the PLC HSC. the problem is my PLC is a redundancy and will not accept time interrupts. This is a new system and at this point all is changeable. PLC processor IC695CRU320
  3. Old Software needed

    The DOS Logic Master software can be copied off a hard drive and placed onto another hard drive. I am not sure if this is legal as it copies the Account information but it does work. My GE support claims LM90 DOS software is on the CD with the new software and is no longer copy Righted. GE Tech support may be able to provide a legal copy if that is true.
  4. 1756-EN2T IP setup problem

    I have not done much with the USB on the EN2T. I did try it and get the same error. The EN2T has rotery switches to set the final octive in the IP address. as in set switches to 888 and apply power and this resets card. I have had other issues with the EN2T. It seems to have a DHCP. If I have a Stactic address configured on my pc I get an error message. I have got the IP address to switch many times but the card is more difficult to change using BOOTp method.
  5. Transition to AB from Mitsubishi

    I started out on PLC 5 and got what I called an expert on GE. I feel comfortable with Mitsubishi. The iQ Software is so much better than ther previous software. I now am taking on RSLogix 5000. Not bad but I have to start out in small steps then once the projects get going I do get good at it. I know on both the Rockwell site and the Mitsubishi site ( they have conversion documents. Should be good reading.
  6. Modbus TCP

    Thanks for the input. I think what you are saying is perhaps I chose the wrong Ethernet card and I could use a much easier implimentation. I will look into it. Thanks! Looking into exchanging the 1756-EN2T for Prosoft MNET card.
  7. Modbus TCP

    Thanks!! I have down loaded the sample file and looking it over. Yes the code does look quite tricky but I appreciate the help. I guess this is what I needed
  8. Modbus TCP

    I am setting up some instruments, PLC inputs on Modbus TCP communicating to my PLC through Ethernet using an EN2T card, with the L75. The linking module is Pepperl and Fuchs LB8111. I have read the P&F manuals but still do not know how to access the needed device data. Has anyone used this product before. Is there a Modbus TCP sample logic for RSLogix 5000?
  9. SLC Ethernet issue

    All Good advice and I should know better at this time as I have been doing this work for a while now. I guess I do not need any more information and It really does not matter if the processor faults out if 2 devices have the same IP address as it is best practice to be sure and use a unique IP address. Thanks!
  10. copying routine/task

  11. Automatic Tag Creation in Logix5000

    I do not see Export / Import of Routines. I know I can cut and paste or (Drag and drop) Routines with 2 applications of RS5000 running. Where is Export? My mistake. I am in the middle of a project where I am using Version 16 and Version 20. the Export did not happen until Version 17. I see it now.
  12. SLC Ethernet issue

    On a SLC processor 1747-L553. What sort of fault would happen if two computers were to use the same IP address and connect through a Ethernet switch to the PLC? What would happen if you had one pc and another device with the same IP address? Can you provide any information? Background I would like to get a better understanding of the Ethernet communication on the 1747-L553 SLC processor. This morning I had an incident when I plugged in my laptop pc Ethernet cable to the switch that also linked to the PLC. Within a minute I had maintenance people calming I took the plant down. My question - is this possible? I did not get the driver for RSLinx configured yet, and I did not even go on line with the PLC. The only thing I may of did would be to have my pc using the same IP address as a device on the network. Would this cause a processor shut down? I did not get to look at the fault and I suspect when maintenance man opened the door for me he pulled on a DH+ cable from the PLC. On resetting the cable the card, then the processor it all came up and working fine. But still I have the question
  13. I have been happily working with Industrial automation for about 20 years. PLCs - Allen Bradley, GE, and Mitsubishi. Robots - Staubli, Fanuc, Motoman. Motion controllers and CNC. I like my work and have had some very interesting projects in my past. My latest employer is a big fan of National Instruments and LabView. Until I started I have never heard of them. I have my opinion that they are not really made for industrial automation but may be good at measurments in a LAB enviroment. Everything I try and do with the hardware I run into limitations. Like an output card that only has 16mAmps. 2 questions. Does any one here in this formum cross over to NI? Opinions? Where do they lie in the Industrial automation world?
  14. Operation security Passwords

    I would like to do it as you suggest. I inharrited this project and now the scope has out grown the hardware. I am not sure how to tackle this. I suppose I could create a VB app to allow entry of the password, look up in a data table then lanch the HMI app. The passwords would need to be stored in the hard drive of the pc. the machine is not alwas hooked up to the network. So I have some learning to do. VB app and launching of the HMI app from VB, and build sucurity in the HMI app to make sure there is no back door. This seems like it is a useful re-useble item. Has any one done this? By the way - numeric password 128 table took up 256 registers I feel the alphanumaric would take up 1024 registers. That sure seems like a great deal of PLC resourses just to access the machine. 90-30 only has 9999 %R
  15. Operation security Passwords

    I have a need to look at a table of passwords in the PLC then allow access to operate the machine. That is a operator has to login to operate the machine. Password currently are 6 characters only numeric. End user now wants 8 characters alphanumeric. with 128 passwords. operators have unique password that the table is sent from a centrial data base into the PLC. PLC 90-30 GE HMI Quick Panel app on a Windows CE Has anyone done anything like this?