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  1. The Red Lion has been repaired, and the machine is up with that HMI. But the customer still wants the Siemens piece, and I'll continue to experiment next week. Cheers.
  2. I can experiment on the system next Monday. Will update you all about the result. Cheers.
  3. Thanks. Replacing the PLC will be the next step. But that step may came after three months :( We're under tremendous production pressure. In fact, we're running the machine without HMI right now.
  4. The original HMI was RedLion, and that's broken now. We want to replace it with a Siemens one. RedLion (and AB too) has no presence here; Siemens on the other hand has excellent local support and ready stock. Regards Rahul
  5. I'm trying to connect a Siemens HMI (MP277) with an Allen Bradley SLC5/03. I understand that the channel 0 of of the AB CPU is RS232C, and can be used for HMI connection. But I'll need an RS232C-RS422 converter for it, since the MP277 doesn't have an RS232C port. A more direct connection can be made from ch 1, which is RS485, to the HMI serial port (which is selectable between raw RS485 and Profibus). Has anyone tried this? I'm connecting IF1B of the Siemens MP277 to the RJ45 on the SLC5/03. Pinout is as follows RJ45 IF1B Description 1 3 B 2 8 A 4 5 Gnd However, the devices are not communicating. I have no experience with AB platform. Is it actually possible, what I'm trying to do? Regards. Rahul
  6. Teco SG2 is a smart relay, not a "proper" PLC. I think you can write its code yourself. However, I can offer the service, if working off-site and over the net is possible in this case. Rahul http://www.voltsmith.com
  7. Why does Q = output?

    Transistors are denoted by Q in electronics. I always thought that was the source of Qs in PLC domain.
  8. Inital value problem in OB1

    TheDeepFriedBoot, you should initialize in OB100 module, that's the startup block. OB1 is the main block that gets executed repetitively, like a never-ending loop.
  9. S7-1200 CPU does not "RUN"

    My problem has been solved. It was a helpful member on the Siemens forum that guided me to the solution. My problem was I downloaded some corrupted hardware config into the CPU. Recompiling the hardware list, and re-downloading it should have solved it right away. But I misunderstood the procedure. I was under the impression that, when I edit the hardware configuration of the project, TIA portal automatically downloads this new hardware config into the CPU. If not automatically, then atleast during the next software download. But, that's not the case. I had to do "Compile ALL" and "Download ALL" to remove the offending config from the CPU and system is running fine now. Thanks everyone for helping me out here.
  10. S7-1200 CPU does not "RUN"

    I'm using TIA v10.5 The CPU firmware version is 1.0.0 Its order number 6ES7 214-1AE30-0XB0 Firmware version 1.0.2 is available in Siemens site. I have not yet upgraded it.
  11. S7-1200 CPU does not "RUN"

    Dear Members, I'm facing a strange problem with a micro-automation project done in Siemens S7-1200 PLC. The small program I wrote compiles perfectly, and downloads successfully. But the CPU does not go into RUN mode. Diagnostics buffer shows "New startup inhibit information - Current CPU operating state: STOP". Also reports, "Pending startup inhibit(s): - HW configuration inconsistent (TIA portal activity) - Manual warm start required." I did the HW configuration alright, I know. Diagnostics status shows "The loaded configuration and the offline project are not identical. The online and offline module configuration data are different. Order number: 6ES7 214-1AE30-0XB0 Configured order number: 6ES7 214-1AE30-0XB0" The reported numbers are exactly same, I can't see why it's saying that the configurations are different. I tried to press the "RUN" button in online panel, I saw network activity in the CPU (Rx/Tx LEDs), RUN/STOP, Error, Maint LEDs blink. But the CPU does not start and repeats the above messages in diagnostics. I tried memory reset (MRES in online panel) also. Same result. I also tried to download a new project. That also behaved in this way. Most importantly, I changed the CPU, and the new CPU also did this same thing, which surprised me very, very much. Anyone experienced similar behavior? All helps are appreciated. Regards Rahul