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  1. Price Lists

    Hello, I am to purchase old price list for automation equipment - all brands really - SEW, B&R, Mitsubishi etc? I would prefer UK price list but will buy any. If you have any available please drop me an email on davidL {remove - i am not a robot} Cheers David
  2. Function block Commander SK (Emerson)

    I only know a little about Mitsi programming but a fair bit about Control Techniques drives, to expand your query so someone else may be able to help you, the Commander SK Profibus module is the same as the one used in the Unidrive SP so the same function block should do, will the built in Modbus comms not do the job you need, as it is built in to the drive not an optional extra there might be more chance of someone having a function block written for that. If it was a Commander SE there was to my knowledge no profibus option for that drive so I cannot imagine anyone would have a function block written for it, at least not a working one
  3. Upload from Graphic terminal F940G0T

    Yep, press the top right corner of the screen while powering up the unit and it should go into maintenance mode with options to wipe its memory (don't press this one ), one of the options should be file transfer mode, you may need a password to access it. You should then be able to upload with GTWorks and the appropriate cable.
  4. servo drive

    No problem, if you need any help in future drop us a line.
  5. Altivar 28 Problem

    If the inverter was repeatedly stopping after 30-45 seconds it could be a continuous overload or a problem with the supply making the bus gradually discharge, however both of these would show an error message. If it keeps stopping with no error depending on your configuration it is likely either loosing an enable signal or receiving an unwanted stop signal. If swapping the inverter has cured the problem it rules out dodgy contacts on external switches/relays leaving you with either loose terminals on the inverter (tightened up when installing new one) or an internal fault on the control card. I noticed a reply saying that the Altivars do not seem to deliver enough power to the motor, it is worth noting that most manufacturers give their inverters 2 ratings, for heavy duty applications and light duty, for example a Control Techniques SK2401 is rated at 5.5kw heavy duty, 7.5kw light duty. This means if it is running a light duty application, say an extraction fan which starts maybe a couple of times a day with a nice long ramp and stays at constant speed when it gets there then 7.5kw is fine. If it is running an application with a lot of inertia to get moving, starting and stopping regularly or constantly varying speed then you don't want to be putting more than a 5.5kw motor on it.
  6. servo drive

    We are a Control Techniques distributor in the UK so have experience/documentation for most types of CT VSDs, if you can give us a full model number and the correct error code we can probably offer you some assistance.
  7. 6es7153-2ar03-0xa0

    Hello Does anyone know what are the new features in 6ES7153-2AR03-0XA0 as compared to 6ES7153-2AR02-0XA0? Thanks Steve