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  1. ML 1400 Modbus to PowerFlex 4M

    Thanks everyone for your assistance on this thread. the display works nicely. I had a wiring issue at the connection from the drive to the allen bradley cable. Ken.
  2. .cha file

    thanks everyone for your assistance in this thread. the display worked rather nicely. Ken E.
  3. .cha file

    thank you Bernie, I was attempting to modify a .cha file from rockwells connected components building blocks that Ken Roach linked to me to control a drive. But... I have a Panelview Plus 700. .cha files wont work on this. I was wondering if there is a way to convert these to .mer files? (i have another routine i found, but now i am interested to know if that can be done. ) :):):) thanks, Ken Edwards
  4. .cha file

    can someone tell me in what equipment a .cha file (panelview) is used for? and what can i do to modify it so i can use it on my own panelview? (this file is from one of rockwells sample download files for an HMI file, that Ken Roach referred me to in a different topic (thank you very much Mr. Roach) and i would like to modify it). Thank You. Ken Edwards
  5. ML 1400 Modbus to PowerFlex 4M

    Thank you very much Ken. Confirmation that it works is what I needed. I now know that I have a physical problem to look for. I will let you know how it works out. I am sure that i have a problem with the cable connected to the drive. Ken
  6. ML 1400 Modbus to PowerFlex 4M

    Evening all, Can someone please tell me (i know the manuals say it is possible), if MicroLogix 1400 PLC will communicate thru 1763-NC01 cable to a PowerFlex 4M drive? I have been reading manuals on modbus, pf4m, ml1400 for weeks. everything is there for it to work, but the manuals say "if the device supports these modbus functions, it SHOULD work".. :):):) thank you, Ken ps. oh, and if so..... what the heck am i doing wrong?? ( and i got the only knowledgebase item i can find (handshake is not enabled) ) and i will gladly provide many, many more details if this is a possible thing to do.
  7. FactoryTalk view to ML 1400

    To all, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was trying to use bit 9 of word I:0.0 and in one spot I accidently put I:0.9 instead of I:0.0/9 (I am teaching myself, and that was an early attempt that I forgot to change to the correct use) hence the error, it couldn't find I/O word #9 cause there is only 7. Thanks for the help Mickey. Ken p.s. I will be back for more help. although usually, browsing the forums nets me the answers I am looking for. This is a great site. Thanks to all the "Guru's" that assist us learners.
  8. FactoryTalk view to ML 1400

    Hi Mickey. :) see that statement under my name that says "Hi, I'm new"?? that is appropriate. where can i find that information and how do I change it?
  9. FactoryTalk view to ML 1400

    I have a problem that i am hoping you can help with. I wouldn't normally ask this, but I cannot find any information anywhere on this error message. "data table I1:0-I1:9 in MicroLogix at is to small or missing". I get this when I try to use a tag from a ML1400. Did I set something up wrong when i installed the new software? Oh, I get the error when I run an application on factory talk. I have upgraded my software to CPR9 SR2. so my factory talk and RSLinx Enterprise have been updated to browse the ML 1400. (I've also posted this question on Rockwells Knowledgebase, but i'm hoping for an answer over the weekend.) Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you, Ken Edwards