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    arsenen8 You need to go online with you PC to the PLC. Read D8004 it will have an error code number. This number will relate to the error detection devices in the plc. For example: in D8004 you read 8060, this relates to M8060 which is an I/O configuration error. Whatever number you get look in the FX programming manual section 6.7. This manual is in the downloads section of this forum I do believe. Keep us informed of your progress.

    As I recall, you need to connect 24VDC to the run terminal. To download the program from your PC to the PLC you need to disconnect the 24VDC from the run terminal. Be sure to double check the hardware manual first. I cannot find mine. Good Luck, hculyer
  3. Com 1 configuring

    I had this exact problem with Win 2K. I had to go into setup during bootup. I changed the serial port to com 2. Rebooted and everything worked. I hope this helps.
  4. Alpha 2 progrmming manual

    Go to www.meau.com Do a search for manual JY992D97101. This should be the manual you are looking for. Hope this helps.
  5. Programming FX80MR PLC - Help Please

    Hello sirockin, You can use Medoc a dos based program to program from a pc. Here is a link for a download. http://www.plcman.co.uk/page6.html You will need an SC-09 programming cable. As an alternative you can try the programming cable Sergi posted on this forum. GX Developer will also work.
  6. MEDOC software

    Try this link for a download. http://www.plcman.co.uk/page6.html
  7. FX-16MR PLC

    You will need the SC-09 programming cable to program. There is also an older cable but I cannot remember the part number. The DOS based MEDOC program will support the FX PLC. Look on this site for a MEDOC download. You can contact your local Mitsubishi supplier for the cable or look on ebay. The programming instructions are still avalible online www.meau.com I hope this helps
  8. Manuals request

    Try these two links: For IB(NA)66490 228kb http://www.meau.com/eprise/main/sites/publ...&submit1=Search For SH(NA)3511-K 22,209kb http://www.meau.com/eprise/main/sites/publ...&submit1=Search If you still cannot connect to the site email me and I will send you what I have.
  9. Manuals request

    Look at: http://www.meau.com/ goto downloads and do a search with the manual number. Both manual part numbers are good. Reguards
  10. Check the VFD for a torque limit. This will fault out the drive in case of a jam up. You could also use an encoder and count the pulses. You sould not need a high speed input if the conveyor speed is slow. Good Luck