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  1. Panelbuilder32

    PB32 version 3.80. I uploaded from a panelview and it was a PVA
  2. Panelbuilder32

    I just loaded panrelbuilder32 on my laptop. some files it will open and others, it come by with the message "Unable to load file. Not a panelview32 file or disk space is low." My disk space is not low and it is a panelview file. would appreciate somr feedback.
  3. MVI56-HART Module

    I have 60 Instruments that are strickly Analog in and I was researching putting them on a network. I've looked at the 1756cs-IF8H but I'm doing analog in to 1756-IF16 modules and they are wired single ended. So if I go with the 1756cs-IF8H that would increase my rack space more than my enclosures could hold. I was looking at the Prosoft MVI56-HART and that looks like the way to go. One module will handle 60 instruments, and do away with the analog in modules. looking for some advice from some people that have done this. does software come with it, if so how much was cost of the software and how much was the cost of the hardware. was it fairly easy to set up and does it work well for you?