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  1. Programming plc through profibus

    Hello, I started already a topic before about this, but because it was a long time ago i thought i repost it. My problem is that i can't connect to the plc through profibus. I already tried the steps as described below, but i can't get it running. Any body know what i'm doing wrong?
  2. Programming plc through profibus

    Hello, Sorry for the late sesponse. But i tried all points you discribed above but without succes. Also what bothers me is that when i connect the pg to the mpi port its powering up (mpi,power,usb led on the pg burning), but when i connect to profibus it isn't. It is the same pg as linked above (USB-MPI) Anybody know what i'm doing wrong?
  3. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    The solution was indeed to put in my laptops ip adres in the table of the screen. Only i was hoping this was not necessary when connecting by vpn. Because now you need to have an static ip adres on your laptop. Thanks all for your help
  4. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    I made HMI settings thru ethernet. I set my laptop ip to and then connection is no problem. But when i'm connecting thru the router i can't get connection with the screen. I made all settings as you told me. What am i doing wrong? When i made the settings i was directly connected to the hmi by a switch and not thru the router.
  5. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    I attached a drawing of the situation. I also made a printscreen of the settings. But with this settings i don't get it working. Please help :S
  6. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    Ok i will put them both in the conversion table, but i already have the routers ip adres as gateway adres. And when i am pinging i'm getting an answer, so it's strange i think.
  7. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    Ok i will try this, but i forgot to mention that the connection is made thru vpn connection. Don't know if this changes anything?
  8. Transfer To/From PT over Ethernet

    I have 1 PLC and an NS-8 HMI on an Ethernet network. They are all connected by a switch. The switch is connected to a router. The ip adress of the plc is, and of the plc The gateway (port of the router) is From the location where my laptop is the ip adress is 192.168.100.XXX In the plc ip router tabel I added the ip adresses. Communication from the laptop with cx-programmer to the plc is no problem. (when i ping the ip adress i get answer) Only communication from the laptop with cx-designer to the HMI is not working. (when i ping the ip adres i get also answer) So it looks like the lines are fine, but i think the settings in cx-designer should be different. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks.
  9. Programming plc through profibus

    I think you understand my problem. And piggy back style, does that mean that you have male and female connection on 1 connector? Because i have this. But how do i connect the profibusport to the mpi port? Do i do this just with a male to male cable?
  10. Programming plc through profibus

    Ok but how do i connect to the profibus station at upper level with my laptop and then connect to the plc at the lower level? Regards Paul
  11. Programming plc through profibus

    We building a machine wich is about 7 meters high. The hydraulic compartment is in the upper level of the machine. The PLC is at the lower level. When i'm adjusting hydraulic parts i want to know what i'm doing. On this moment someone needs to be at the lower level to tell me what way to adjust. In the hydraulic compartment is a profibus station, which i want to connect to and read the values in the plc. Attached the hardware configuration Regards Paul
  12. Programming plc through profibus

    I have an ET200S wich i connect with siemens pg. And a separate dp module (dp master) wich is active and connected to another station. All is active and running at the moment. And when i'm adjusting the machine i'm far away from the plc, and near to a profibus station and i want to see online what happens.
  13. Programming plc through profibus

    Ok I have this, but how do i make the connection? Regard, Paul
  14. Programming plc through profibus

    Ok thanks, but how?
  15. Programming plc through profibus

    Hello, I'm very new at programming siemens, but i'm wondering if it's possible to connect whit step 7 through profibus to the plc. Thanks